Best Hollywood Movies: Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Films

He is stylish and suave and is probably one of the most sought after Hollywood actors we have seen in the last few years.

With his intense acting in Titanic, he made many girls swoon while The Revenant revealed his actual acting prowess to people. Here we present to you the top 10 best movies of Leonardo DiCaprio along with why they were praised so.

1. Inception

Released in 2010, the movie takes Caprio’s skills to a new level. A science-fiction thriller has him playing the role of a professional thief who signs up a deal with the police in return for doing a seemingly impossible task. What the task is something you got to see.


2. Titanic

An epic love story with a tragic end the movie Titanic was released in 1997. Leonardo and Kate Winslet play a love-struck couple who are separated cruelly when tragedy strikes and the ship Titanic strikes an Iceberg only to sink later on. Leonardo mesmerizes as the lover boy and the last scene left many women sobbing in their hankies.


3. The Revenant

A semi-autobiographical movie this was released in 2015 and won many accolades for the wonderful portrayal of a frontiersman named Hugh Glass. When his friends leave him to die in the wilderness it is his grit and determination which helps him to survive and move on to come out safely. Not to mention the movie fetched Leo multiple awards for his performance.


4. Django Unchained

Another awesome movie this movie starred a couple of other actors but Leonardo managed to impress. Though the movie is all about the old age American mafia culture and slave tradition it has Leo playing a negative role with perfection.


5. The Wolf Of Wall Street

Again Leonardo portrayed a difficult role when he acted the part of Jordan Belfort a famous stockbroker of New York City. Released in 2013 the film performed exceptionally well thanks to the manner in which the storyline was put on screen.


6. Catch Me If You Can

One of his initial movies Catch me if you can see him with Tom Hanks. In this movie, Leo successfully plays the role of a con man named Frank Abagnale who took on multiple impersonations to dupe people of millions of dollars. A real-life story Leo brought authenticity in the character.


7. Shutter Island

Again a book adaptation this movie sees Leo playing an investigating officer who visits Shutter Island to find out about the missing of a patient. Despite stiff resistance from the authorities he along with his partner set about finding out the truth which is quite dreadful indeed.


8. Gangs Of New York

Gang wars are an off-beaten topic used multiple times in Hollywood however this time the rendition is quite different. A revenge drama as such Leonardo comes back after 15 years to a gang prone area to take revenge for the killing of his father. Is he successful or not is something that needs to be seen.


9. The Aviator

Again Leo plays the role of Howard Hughes, who is a pioneer in the aviation industry. From the peak of his career to suffering from Obsessive-compulsive disorder the man has everything and loses it too. Leo plays the downfall in the most convincing manner possible.


10. The Great Gatsby

A 1925 book was converted into a movie and Leonardo could be the best person to do justice to it. It showcases the life and times of a millionaire Jay Gatsby and his relation with his neighbour Nick Carraway. Another success in his kitty the movie was appreciated for being quite real just like the book.

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