Let Social Media Cause Seismic Social Change in 2011

Let Social Media Cause Seismic Social Change in 2011

Social Media: A Marketer’s Delight!

Recently in an article “Every Marketer Needs S.O.C.I.A.L. M.E.D.I.A.” in Marketing Conversation™, it  expands the meaning of SOCIAL MEDIA, for marketers.

But,  WITS ZEN feels the expansion is somewhere restricted to social media marketing. And, all the social media experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts will agree that Social Media is much beyond marketing, much beyond branding and personal branding,much beyond unscrupulous tweeting and Facebook updates.

Here, WITS ZEN would also  like to add another article “Adieu to the Social Media A-List from Olivier Blanchard” from Marketing Conversation, where it quotes from theIn the praise of the A-list”, where Olivier Blanchard writes an  epitaph for these so-called Social Media Experts. He writes “When an A-lister’s job begins to focus solely on perpetuating his A-list status, then his value to the public, to his industry and to the business world, becomes zero. A big old bubble of hot air….. “So on this last day of January 2011, I raise my glass and bid thee farewell, Jack Scrib. You and all of your little affiliate blogger clones. You internet gurus. You social media experts.”

So the first article expanded the meaning of social media, and the second article sarcastically castigated the role of so-called social media experts.

Social Media: A Catalyst of Social Change!

Taking cue from these two articles, WITS ZEN tries to understand Social Media and, in turn, expands the concept of Social Media.

To WITS ZEN, social media provides a virtual social platform, “Synchronizing Opportunities, Community, Interaction, and Attention, Leveraging Maximum Engagement with Determined Initiatives for Accomplishment”. Let’s explore how?

Synchronizing Opportunities:  A Social Media Practitioner (SMP) looks for opportunities available for his/her objectives, products and services, and synchronizing all available news, channels, information, etc towards realizing the objectives.

Community: Creation of community, galvanizing and gravitating community around the cause.

Interaction: Interaction is about keeping the conversation going on, listening and leading community to positive conversation. Using social media tools to inspire people to participate in ways that they found meaningful and rewarding.

Attention: All the activities listed above will generate enough attention, initially gathering online and then coordinating offline events to evangelize the cause.

Leveraging Maximum Engagement: As in “The Dragonfly Effect” keep the engagement continue with good story telling, compelling people to care deeply and emotionally, eventually leading to leveraging maximum engagement.

Determined Initiatives for Accomplishment: Engagement leads to commitment, and determined initiatives inspired by commitment leads to empowerment of the community and accomplishment of objective.

WITS ZEN believes that let Social media cause some seismic social change, let Social media create some social entrepreneurship, and  let social media imbibe the concept of  corporate social responsibility among the global corporate fraternity.

Such initiatives  epitomize the raison d’etre of social media.

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