Link Building For SEO

Link Building For SEO: Why Is Quality Link Important?

Quality content is what everybody looks for on the internet. It is also the most important aspect of Search engine optimization. Without content on a website, search engines like Google will not be able to find it.

But now they say, “Content is the King, Backlink is the Queen”. Why? Why has Link Building become so important for SEO?

1. What Are Backlinks?

Link Building For SEO

These are links directed towards your website. The more the number of backlinks you earn, the better is your popularity or importance of your website.

Backlinks are crucial for SEO as search engines like Google give more credits to websites with a good number of backlinks. Such websites are considered more relevant than others in terms of their search result pages.

2. Importance Of Links

Many times, web marketing experts speak of adding relevant content to your site to attract the search engines. But don’t you know there is another tempting factor that search engines can’t resist? If content is essential for your site’s ranking; links are equally important. Content is king; links are queen. They are both essential for your site’s success.

However, the search engines are becoming more and more careful regarding links. They have set several identifying standards to determine the importance of a link pointing to your site or what is commonly called as the inbound or incoming link.

Search engines look at all your site’s incoming links and what they talk about you. The search engines have to identify the weight and importance of your entire site’s incoming links.

There are a number of link building strategies used to get external websites to link to yours. These are Content creation and promotion, reviews & mentions, links from friends & partners.

3. Relevant And Quality Links

Since the search engines are being more cautious about incoming links, it is important that your site not only gets links but relevant and quality links. What is meant by relevant and quality links? Quality links are incoming links your site receives from other high ranking sites that are closely related to your site’s content.

The higher the rank of the site giving you incoming link; the more valuable the link is. Thus, we can assume that it is more important to get a number of good quality links than a million of irrelevant links.

The search engines like Google can identify whether an incoming link pointed to your site is quality or not. How?

4. How Search Engines Identify Quality Links

Creating links with trusted websites

The search engines are looking for links – but not just ordinary links…they are looking for quality links. How can they identify whether an incoming link is relevant/quality or not? Here are their standards in determining which links are good and which are not:

  • What are written on the links;
  • The PageRank of the site giving the link;
  • The quality of the site giving the link;
  • The key phrases used in the link; and
  • The number of links on a particular page where the link to your site belongs.

These are the factors that will determine the importance of the link to your site. The more important links your website receives; the higher is its chance of getting to the top of the search engine’s page results.

Remember that once the search engines identify your site as important, they will give your website a better treatment and rank position.

So, strive to get good links and see your website on the top of search results. This is a good web marketing technique that you can really rely on. Web marketing specialists can say the same to you!

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