LinkedIn Adds Filters And Texts For Videos In Its App

Professional networking site LinkedIn has become the latest social media platform to introduce filters for videos. With this, users can now add text styles and filters on videos being shared through the LinkedIn App.

The filters are designed with focus on work-related content. The current options include adding an “On the Air” graphic along with a “side hustle” and “work high five” filter. The filter options will expand, according to LinkedIn.

“We first launched filters for events in October at the Grace Hopper Celebration event, and the videos we saw inspired us to continue building other filters to make it fun and simple for you to share with your communities,” LinkedIn said in a blog post. The app also had a filter for International Women’s Day.

Apart from this, the app will also feature text styles for adding context, so the user’s community “knows what’s happening, even when the sound is off”. Currently, three styles are available: FifthAve, Geometric and Plain.

Unlike other social media, however, these filters and texts are added to the video after its recorded and not in real-time. LinkedIn is working on other creative tools for videos. While Microsoft-owned LinkedIn began the video feature in 2016, it was initially available only to a select group of influencers, allowing them to post 30-second videos on topics and news. Influencers were a hand-selected group of more than 500 “of the world’s foremost thinkers, leaders, and innovators” — a list that included the likes of Narendra Modi, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington and Guy Kawasaki.

The service was rolled out for all in August last year in its bid to keep pace with additional features on social media platforms.

Video feature was first introduced and popularised by multimedia messaging app Snapchat. Following the popularity of the feature, along with time-bound ‘stories’ were added to Instagram and Facebook. Initially, Snapchat carried filters and texts of time, location etc, more options continue to be added to the application.

LinkedIn’s New Additions

LinkedIn also added a new feature to request referrals just a day before it announced filters. In its app, users can search for a job in a workplace where they know someone (in their network) and request referral to this feature while applying for that job.

Last month, LinkedIn also launched a new feature called ‘Scheduler’ to automate candidate interview scheduling process. This new tool allows the recruiter to schedule an initial interview with candidates, directly via InMail. The facility of InMail is only available for LinkedIn Premium users.

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