LinkedIn Recommendations vs LinkedIn Endorsements

Which is better, Linkedin  Recommendations vs Linkedin Endorsements?

A little over a week ago, LinkedIn debuted Endorsements, which they’re touting as a professional version of the Facebook Like. Connections in your account can endorse you using the skills and expertise section of your profile.

But the question remains, which is better?

The answer is, unsurprisingly: neither. Both are equally important in different ways.

Endorsements are important, especially as part of the skills and expertise section, because LinkedIn’s tie-ins with corporate HR systems allow hiring managers to rapidly search profiles for needed skills.

Recommendations are important as visible testimonials of your work, especially at individual positions. They’re sales testimonials in the best possible way, a way that highlights what you can do and what results you’ve generated in the words of others. They’re fodder for resumes, speaking kits, and much more.

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