Linux Foundation Launches OpenDaylight Project

The Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to open source development and technologies, has launched the OpenDaylight Project . It is a community-led and industry-supported open source framework that will accelerate adoption, foster new innovation and create a more open and transparent approach to Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Founded on the principles of open and transparent development, OpenDaylight has brought the biggest names in computing and networking on a single platform to push an open source development effort to support software-defined (i.e., virtual) networking under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation .

Sofware-Defined Networking (SDN) is presenting both significant challenges and unlimited opportunities for the future of transferring information and communicating across the globe. SDN enables users to program network layers, separating the data plan from the control plane.

Big Switch Networks, Brocade, Cisco, Citrix, Ericsson, IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, NEC, Red Hat and VMware are founding Platinum and Gold members of the project
and will donate software and engineering resources for this open source framework and help to define the future of an open SDN platform.

What it seeks to achieve:

  • By supporting open standards such as the OpenFlow Networking Standard, OpenDaylight will empower the developer ecosystem to deliver a common open source framework and platform for SDN across the industry for customers, partners and developers
  • OpenDaylight will help customers with their IT strategies by having a single, multi-vendor and open source SDN platform on top of which further development by companies and individuals alike can be fostered

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