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Don’t Go Looking For Ghosts Without These 9 Gadgets

It has been more than three decades since the release of the Ghostbuster franchise. We still cannot help but dream of putting a proton pack and go after things that go bump in the night.

Ghost busting may not be a formal profession that requires your usual morning coffee to start your routine. But you certainly do not need proton packs, traps, or PKE meters either if you’re headed out on a ghost hunting mission.

However, there is a variety of non-fictitious ghost hinting gadgetry involved with other technologies. A quick search on the internet reveals a variety of ghost hunting equipment for a modern hunter.

Committed paranormal investigators apply technologies that test the events claiming any unusual activity. Here is a list of 9 gadgets that you should have if you decide to go out looking for ghosts in the middle of the night.

1. Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)

If you have seen ghost hunting shows, you will notice that hunters have a digital voice recorder for an EVP session. These devices can easily capture any mysterious sound in the vicinity.

Professional paranormal investigators suggest that these devices are an essential tool to ensure eventful hunting.

These devices come equipped with one-touch record buttons and offer vast storage for extensive recordings. Suppose you hear a distant footstep during your investigation that you mistake for another person, but there is no one present in sight.

The DVR captures all the voices that you can compare with other A/V recordings to conclude. The DVR records all the sounds that you might have missed during your investigation, so your session does not go to waste.

2. Thermal Camera

Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras give a visual representation of any hot or cold spots. Usually, ghosts emit icy waves while demons or spirits produce heat signatures.

A thermal camera captures any temperature changes and delivers a visual of that apparition. An example of this technology is in the movie predator, in which the antagonist uses thermal vision in its mask to detect human heat signatures.

Hopefully, you will not find something frightening in the woods, but you will find the best thermal cameras at SpiritShack. Thermal cameras combined with DVR make for a successful ghost-hunting adventure with promising results.

3. EMF Sensor

An Electromagnetic Field detector or EMF detector is a device that most paranormal investigators usually bring with them on a ghost hunting gig.

The device may seem like something pulled out of a fiction novel, but it is a handy tool used to capture electromagnetic radiations and pulses.

Even though a cell phone or an appliance may produce electricity, a massive electricity surge indicates something paranormal. Ghost hunters believe that a ghost is nearby when the fluctuations go beyond the normal range.

4. Infrared Thermometer

A regular thermometer measures the ambiance for the temperature of any object. An infrared thermometer takes the temperature of a specific object pointed with a laser.

Ghost hunters use infrared thermometers to detect cold spots in a haunted area, which they perceive as invisible entities. Professional ghost hunters use infrared thermometers to identify the draft around air conditioning systems or windows before beginning an investigation.

Sometimes they also use it to measure any thermal reading identified during investigative sessions. These thermometers come with a handheld grip that enables a steady reading when held 14 inches from an object.

An infrared camera can detect temperatures from -58OF to 716OF. A ghost usually shifts the room temperature in either area of the shade. When a camera captures a hot or cold spot, an infrared camera helps confirm the presence.

5. Binary Response Device

A binary response device, which is a simple yes or no machine, is another essential tool that paranormal investigators use. They use this device to ask the ghost questions and receive answers. The theory behind its operation is that a spirit harnesses the machine’s energy and uses it to respond in binary format.

Responses happen with indication lights on either side of the machine. Usually, it has a green light for yes and red light for no.

In some complex investigations, the device is also used for directions. Some devices come with an entire alphabet in an Ouija board style from more extended word responses.

This gadget is a must-have tool for serious investigators who wish to have a heart-to-heart talk with otherworldly beings.

6. Ghost Box

A ghost box is a verbally communicating device that ghost hunters use to channel ghostly responses using radio frequencies. Many of these gadgets scan the frequencies and create white noise.

During EVP sessions, spirits can utilize that white noise to communicate in some way. People can listen to any strange noise or yell their question in the void and hope to receive an answer from the abyss.

Variations of ghost box devices are now available in the market that use different response methods but work on the same principle.

7. Laser Grid Scope

Laser Grid Scope


A laser grid scope is a gadget that has gained a reputation among modern ghost hunters and paranormal investigators.

The scope plots a grid of dotted green lights across the room, which the users perceive as their field of vision. Any break in the pattern suggests that something’s on the move.

One of the top tips that professional ghost hunters recommend is to use the scope in front of the camera.

The scope presents the view, and the camera captures a quick break in the pattern. Laser grid scopes work best when combined with an infrared thermometer and binary response devices.

8. Motion Sensors

Another popular ghost-hunting gadget is a motion sensor that investigators place in strategic positions to capture movement. Usually, they put the detectors in places most visited by an entity. These sensors detect any anomaly that passes nearby and catches a thermal reading on camera or video.

9. Lights

While most investigators do their equipment setting during the day, they need something for prepping a few last-minute things at night.

At this point, they use a headlight as a primary source of illumination that keeps their hands free. While using a torch seems like a good option, ghost hunters need to simultaneously work with other gadgets. A headlight allows usage of the torch without affecting the field of view.


Ghost hunting may seem like an exciting and thrilling activity, but it is not as easy as it looks. Capturing a ghostly activity needs years of practice and reliance on quality gadgets and intuition for a successful event.

The ghost hunting gadgets above are some of the most common and essential tools to consider. Equipping yourself with these gadgets gives you quality imagery and identification of any ghostly presence in the area of investigation.

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