Macbook vs Windows

Macbook vs Windows: What To Choose In 2019?

For many years, a tag of war pitting Macbook users against Window consumers rages on. Interestingly, no one is ready to give in.

Macbook devotees always have a load of convincing reasons why they love Apple devices and so are Microsoft enthusiasts. But, you may ask, at what point do the two factions strike an equilibrium?

Does It Always Have To Be Different Tastes And Preferences?

Macbook vs Windows

With each New Year, people develop new preferences and tastes towards certain products and services. The year 2019 is no different. A few issues with your device could be a trigger, or maybe unpleasant news regarding Apple or Windows may have made you switch to the other side.

Moreover, changes in your line of business can be the reason for switching to either Macbook or windows, not to mention one’s personality.

However, putting aside all the hullabaloos regarding the best operating system or software for your device, let’s take a dive deeper to make an ever clearer distinction between the two. Maybe until then, you will be able to choose what fits the bill as the best laptop OS for 2019.


1. Design Features


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Macbook and Windows have always tried to outdo each other on the basis of design aesthetics, and there is no doubt about the fact that the former always wins. People go for Macbooks because they are sleek and appealing. But, don’t forget that different manufacturers of windows compatible devices such as Dell and HP have been making headways into rivaling Apple on this aspect.

Moreover, while it could be hinged on what you need for the moment, Windows peripheries such are mice and keyboard are impressively responsive.


2. Security Features


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Make no mistake about it. Macs are miles ahead of windows when it comes to security. And while the gap is now reducing, there are still widespread cyber attacks targeting windows than Macbooks. With this in mind, take extra precautionary measure when paying a write my paper for me online.


3. Customer Support Experience


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You wouldn’t want to buy a computer and fail to reach customer support when it malfunctions. On this premise, it is noteworthy that Mac computer users enjoy a high level of responsiveness by help center, not to mention local repair centers they can visit any time. On the flipside, users of windows continue to complain about difficulty in reaching service centers or manufacturer of their various devices.


4. Cost Of Mac vs. Windows


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It is in the public domain that Mac computers are pricey, therefore not readily available for someone saving for a low cost device. A justification for this is that they are durable. On the other hand, windows are affordable, and users enjoy extra features such as processors and graphic cards at considerably low cost.


5. Hardware Comparison


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While Apple’s Macbook presents users with exceptional hardware variants, windows are equally competitive on many fronts. From also being compatible with VR headsets to gaming consoles, windows are market leaders in giving computer users many peripheries, most of which are not found in Mac devices.


6. In-Built Apps And Installable Options


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Macbooks and windows compete favorably on this when it comes to inbuilt app utilities such as Calendars, mail services, calendars, photo and video viewing, except for a few variations. In Macbooks, you find an exceptional video editing Application and an awesome music streaming service as well as GarageBand for composition. On the contrary, Windows, despite being compatible with many installable Apps, fails on superiority and productivity.


7. Gaming Experience


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Windows offer a more thrilling gaming experience through many services such as Xbox, Playstation and PC gaming than Macbooks. You would be shocked to realize that even Ubuntu edges out Mac on this through Stream Proton.


The Bottom Landing


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Drawing a comparison between Macbooks and Windows brings to the fore many things. Apart from the ones in this post, you can compare the two on AI helpers such as Siri and Cortana, User interface customization, 3D functionality among other features. Thus, you ask, if not owning a PC you can use to hire trust my paper for editing help, what else makes the difference?

Well, from the foregoing, Windows take the lead if you run a business that requires large-scale use or computers. On the other hand, Macbooks are ideal for someone who wants durability and safety against cyber threats such as hacking.

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