10 Most Memorable Magazine Covers Of Kendall And Kylie Jenner

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are two of the most famous sisters in the world right now. They graced plenty of magazine covers from Cosmopolitan Magazine to Glamour Magazine. Take a look at the ten best magazine covers of the sisters.

1. Kylie Jenner – Elle Magazine, February 2016

kylie-jenner elle magazine


2. Kendall Jenner – Harper’s Bazaar, January 2018

kendall jenner harpers bazaar


3. Kylie Jenner – Cosmopolitan, March 2015

kylie jenner cosmopolitan


4. Kylie Jenner – Vogue Australia, September 2018

kylie jenner vogue australia


5. Kylie Jenner – Glamour Magazine, September 2018

kylie jenner glamour magazine


6. Kendall Jenner – Allure Magazine, March 2019

kendall jenner allure magazine


7. Kendall Jenner – Elle Magazine, June 2018

kendall jenner elle magazine


8. Kendall Jenner – Style Magazine, May 2017

kendall jenner style magazine


9. Kylie Jenner – GQ Germany, July 2017

kylie jenner gq germany


10. Kendall Jenner – Vogue Russia, May 2019

kendall jenner vogue russia


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