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3 Ways To Make Videos That Stand Out More On Social Media

If you want your videos to grab the attention of viewers you need to do everything you can to set them apart from the thousands of other videos that populate social media feeds.

While there are several factors that can help your videos to stand out more, some of the most important need to be planned well in advance – before you start rolling the cameras.

Some of the ways that you can make videos that stand out more on social media include:

1. Kicking things off with a big hookMovavi Video Edito_1


Normally you’ll have the span of anything between 5 to 8 seconds to reach viewers and convince them that your video is worth watching. That is why you should plan your video so that it starts with a hook that reels them in immediately.

The ‘hook’ in your video should provide viewers with a reason to keep watching, and the best way to do that is to let them know what’s in it for them. In other words, tell your viewers immediately how watching the video could help or benefit them.


2. Doubling down on the visuals

Movavi Video Edito_5

One of the most frequently quoted pieces of advice regarding videos is to always ‘show, not tell’. Be sure to take that to heart, and double down on the visuals because that will immediately set your video apart from most others.

When you’re planning your video, think long and hard about how you can ‘show’ each and every point that you’re putting across. Once you do, consider whether or not there’s any way that you can show it more effectively.

Ideally you should try to make your video so visual that it doesn’t need to rely on a voice-over at all. In some cases you may want to use captions or subtitles to fill the gaps however.


3. Splashing color effectivelyMovavi Video Edito_3

Color is important, and the colors that are a part of your video (especially at the start) can play a big role in how appealing they are to viewers. On social media viewers tend to respond more to videos that have vibrant colors and look ‘alive’, and are more likely to watch them.

Always remember that the colors that you use should jive with the message of your video, and the emotions that are involved. For example yellow is energetic and happy, red is passionate, blue is stable and confident, and green is natural and symbolizes growth.

It is worth noting that if you contrast colors effectively you can set important elements within your video apart – thus drawing viewers to them and honing their focus.

Movavi Video Edito_4

While visuals are an important part of making videos stand out, you will want to use music to set their tone as well. If you want you could compile your social media videos using Movavi Video Editor, as it can be used as an audio merger and will let you add background music to your videos.

In addition to that, Movavi Video Editor has a slew of features that should encompass everything you need to create impressive videos that stand out. It can be used to enhance the quality of videos, make colors more vibrant, add captions, apply effects and filters, and compile videos by cutting and merging them together.

Simply put Movavi Video Editor will enable you to take the raw video footage that you record and produce unique and visually amazing videos that are perfect for social media. The best part about it is how easy it is to use, and if you try it out you can see that for yourself.

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