Man-Flu Moments

20 “Man-Flu” Moments That Will Make You Laugh

Oxford Dictionary defines “man flu” as “a cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms.”

Scroll down to find 20 such moments.

1. We’re Both Sick


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She may be able to do anything when she’s sick but when he has the sniffles, the world is over. Men may be naturally stronger at full health, but women must be more resilient.

2.From his Perspective

See now, we finally get to hear what men have to say. Simon has it all figured out. Just don’t get sick anymore! What a great plan, someone should have thought of it sooner.

3. Sums It Up

When women get sick, life goes on. When men get sick, the entire world stops for them. Or at least they should. Have you ever had Man Flu? Then you don’t understand.

4. Oh, Okay

Yeah, we know moms have hard jobs but how hard can delivering a baby and recovering from a c-section be compared to having a cold? Get a grip!

5. Hold Up

Think you need to work when your husband is at home sick? How irresponsible of you! You get home and take care of the invalid this instant.

6. Five Minutes, 35 Seconds

This isn’t a bad idea, when your kid has pneumonia. Yeah, take him to the hospital. But of course, this sums up how guys feel when they get sick.

7. Big Baby Indeed

It’s hilarious how women get such a bad rep for being drama queens when men can’t handle being sick for a day without getting overly dramatic. He’s the boy who cried wolf.

8. This Is How It Is

The reason for this is because kids have a right to be big babies. They were babies not long ago. But men? You’d think they’d eventually learn to fend for themselves.

9.Did You Get That?

Just a cold? Who in their right mind would call it “just a cold?” A woman. That’s who. Leave it to her to be so ignorant as to believe he’s just like everyone else.

10. Not a Drill

Of course this woman is poking fun at her husband, like most of these posts are, but what do you expect? It’s a coping mechanism to combat drama by creating it yourself.

11. One or the Other

Saying, “I don’t feel so good,” isn’t a crime. But complaining for hours on end really should be. This was posted on April 1st so she can use that disclaimer if she wants.

12. Pray For Them All

That’s what these poor families really need. Prayers. They need to know that they are not alone. If anything, these Tweets encourage men and women alike.

13. Just Do It

When you’re dating, you get a little infatuated with each other. But once married, practicality has to take a role for everyone’s survival. The guest room is there for a reason.

14. Please Do

This poor family must endure Man Flu. We’ll never know if he makes it out alive or if he succumbs to the darkness. Pray their marriage makes it either way.

15. Thank You, Mrs. Dillon

Thank you, Amy Dillon, for keeping us updated. We should all do this when the men get sick because you know everyone wants to know how he is doing.

16. Not Even

She’s a work at home mom and she knows she needs to be there for her husband as well. But I’m confused, does she have a toddler or is she just referring to her husband?

17. This Too True

If you can actually see yourself or your husband doing this, then you are like most of us. These words have been said more times than most of us can count.

18. No One Knew

Sure, we know now, but we didn’t know while she was in the worst of it. She deserves a medal of some sort for pulling through without anyone calling on her.

19. What a Couple

This is your average couple. She may have been sick for a while but no one is really sick until he gets sick. Then you can talk about it, or rather complain.

20. The Poor Kids

Men get sick and life goes on or must halt around them. But his wife gets sick and no one knows what to do without her. It would be best if she stayed well.

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