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How To Bring Your Brand To Life

Sometimes companies forget the importance of their brand and brand essence. Today, brand and brand essence are more important than ever due to social networks and the fast evolution of society and technology.

Branding shouldn’t start and end with the marketing department because it is much bigger than marketing. It comes from the very core of your company and is recognized as a unique identity of a product, service or company.

They are three main parts in bringing your brand to life and they are: defining your brand, keeping it at the forefront and empowering your employees. So, here are some marketing tips on how to achieve all three.

1. Discover Your Brand

The first step in bringing your brand to life is knowing what it really is. Ask yourself “Why do you do what you do”. Simply put, why does your brand exist? And what do you believe in? Figuring out these answers might take some time but once you’ve established your reasons why other aspects of branding and marketing are going to bloom.

Another key thing to consider in this stage is your audience. In order to show your company’s origins, future and business objectives it is best to create an audio-video presentation. It is advised that you don’t do this on your own and let professionals handle it.

Therefore, hire an external agency that specializes in event production services. Also, workshops with three to five key figures in the company are a great way to get some valuable insights you otherwise might have missed due to the outsider’s eye, expertise and willingness to ask difficult and sometimes dumb questions.

2. Define Your Brand

Once you’ve discovered your brand then its time to define it. Use your findings from the first step to create a concise and focused set of guidelines including things like audience overview, mission statement, and values.

This document is extremely valuable because everyone can refer to it at some point, whether it’s a new employee trying to get a grip on the brand or a senior team making decisions about the company’s next steps. This is why it is vital to get the first step right.

3. Examples And Values

It is always good to implement additional an additional “values section” along with the usual brand guidelines. This is the part where you begin seeking the ways in which your company can put your brand values into practice.

4. Reflect Your Core Values

Once you’ve determined your core values then it’s time to live these out internally. Your decision making should be led by these values and should also dictate the way how you interact with everyone that comes into contact with your brand. By doing this you will definitely prove to the entire company that you actually believe in the values you are promoting.

Never forget to continue living out your brand values and try to reinforce them in everything you do at the office so here are some ideas on how to incorporate some of these values.

Collaborative spaces are a great way to incorporate brand values into your workplace. In these spaces, employees can have informal interactions where they can share opinions and ideas in a more comfortable fashion.

Breakup areas with different kinds of seating are great for encouraging people to step away from their desks and will give them mobility throughout the office.

In order for team members to be able to get away, work silently, meditate or even take a quick nap create private spaces.

5. Design Features

It is always important to incorporate design features meaningfully when it comes to your office space. Your office space should always send a cohesive message to everyone that enters it. It should also inspire your employees without the feeling of overbearing. Here are some details you should focus on:

  1. Your Brand’s Story: In order to highlight where your organization has been, what it does and where it’s going, make a timeline of your history. Also, use photos, art, and decor in order to tell your brand’s story in a more creative way.
  2. Bring your brand into your workspace: Use creative signage to link design to your brand’s look and feel. This will also add personality to your workspace.
  3. Customers: Everyone loves a good story and especially the ones that involve success. Inspire your workers by telling stories throughout the office and also try to impress your customers when they visit. You should frame testimonials and photographs of satisfied customers around the office or create a central wall of stories.
  4. Technology: Today, technology is constantly evolving and it is almost necessary that you use it in order to represent your brand in an innovative way around the office. Create interactive experiences with your brand and use projectors to play videos and showcase projects on a blank wall. Don’t be afraid to use technology, but embrace it.

Bringing your brand to life isn’t an easy task. It requires dedication, careful thought and most importantly creativity.

If you want to lead a company with inspired, happy and productive workers put your brand at the heart of your business and also keep in mind that value-based businesses are the ones that always capture their customer’s hearts.

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