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Top 10 Marketing Tools Every Business Should Know About

Companies employ many techniques, strategies and other materials to promote their products and services. Collectively, these things are considered marketing tools.  If you have a business or you’re just starting a new one, there are some tools that could ease the job. We are pretty confident you are looking for ways to get everything for free. The great thing is that you have lots of options.

To be honest, there are free tools and great deals even pros use them on a daily basis. You get thousands of options customized for every budget, size and features included. Below you can find a list of marketing tools designed to fit even those who are hard to please.

Types Of Marketing Tools

Below are some prominent types of marketing tools that businesses around the world use to effeciently run their companies.

Classified Adverts

Generating leads is an important part of any business. In order to generate leads, classified adverts are used. Here, leads mean potential new customers.  Through such ads, targeted traffics is generated for a particular post. It is also helpful in attracting the attention of people who are looking for additional information.

Social Media

No business can afford to ignore social media platforms. Potential customers are there on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. Through social media tools, businesses build two communication with consumers. Media sharing, blogging, pinning are some of the popular social media tools. These tools are used to create buzz around a particular product or service.


Surveys give you valuable information related to the products and services. Through surveys, you get to know what types of products your potential customers are looking for. By conducting surveys you also gather important feedback related to your existing products so that you upgrade and improve them.

Surveys are also used to acquire information about your rivals’ products. Surveys are conducted face-to-face, over the phone, or online. Nowadays, online survey is most popular among them.

Ask any marketing professional about the marketing tools they are using. Most of them will tell you marketing tools are one of the most important tools they are using to promote their businesses and products.

Email Marketing

Through email marketing, you make direct contact with your potential customers. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still a very effective tool for sales promotion. Many marketers prefer email marketing tools over other digital marketing tools for sales pitches.

Top 10 Marketing Tools

1. CognitiveSEO


cognitiveSEO is an SEO suite of tools designed to identify, analyze and fix all the SEO related issues for better website performance. Get all the information in one place with cognitiveSEO, regarding link analysis, content performance, rank tracking, on-page issues. Plus, you get to integrate Google Analytics and Page Speed performance in your account to compare data and get full reports.

Use it if you want to spy on your competitors, get link building ideas, want to optimize your content to rank better in Google search results, and improve your website overall.

2. Statcounter

Statcounter is a real-time website traffic analyzer. It is a reliable tool for accurate data tracking that helps users understand the performance of their website, pull out insights about their company and make better business decisions.

If you want to set up goals and find out how much was achieved, how your website evolved, who is your audience, plus much more behavioral and transactional information, you should use a website traffic analysis tool to maximize performance.

Not tracking your data would be like driving the highway with your eye closed. It would be like driving your business to failure.

3. Hubspot


We value our customers, isn’t it right? Then you might understand the need for managing conversations, clients, leads and have all the information organized and see historical data for each individual contact.

Hubspot is the answer to your needs. It is a full inbound marketing platform for sales, customer service, and CRM software. It is everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers.

From marketing automation sales, lead nurturing and driving better results, you can use them to start making the most and driving more sales.

4. Buffer

In 2020 social media is a must. It is hard to live with it, but it is harder to live without it. Everyones online and even pets have a social media account now. People are crazy but resourceful and ingenious at the same time.

Buffer is a social media marketing software designed for every type of user and business. Use it for scheduling multiple posts and track reports to see which is the best time to publish and the best kind of content that drives higher engagement. You can use it for lots of social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

5. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is an easy to use and complete marketing automation software. You’ll be able to personalize emails, build newsletters, create campaigns and analyze engagement. If you’re running your business online, you’ll want to bring people to your website or share with them any existing campaigns, deals or events. Sending a newsletter to bring awareness proves to be efficient in certain situations.

Connect Mailchimp with your store and see cart adds and purchases, track reports and find out strengths and weaknesses in your customers’ sales flow.


For all the business that needs a smart and easy to use live chat software, is a free option that saves time and effort. You have the advantage of using a various number of agents to communicate with your visitors and your clients. There is the possibility to use your internal team for customer support or use agents and deliver documentation.

All the historical data will be saved and you can manage your discussion from the dashboard.

7. Trello


Trello is an app for teams and task management. In case you have a big team, work on multiple projects, have remote colleagues and want to see the status for each task and everyone involved working on them.

On the admin level, you can personalize multiple projects and build the dashboard as you want: by processes, by steps, by task and so on. You have a high level of personalization and a clear overview of everything that’s going on.

8. Slack

If you’re looking for an app to communicate with your team, Slack is a great example. It has lots of app integrations available so you can make each conversation very effective and fun to use. Plus, you can send files and see them every time you want without getting them lost; create meetings and memento notifications.

Slack makes co-working and conversation very pleasing and cool.

If you want something simple and effective to communicate with your team works, Slack should be your choice.

9. Visme

In any business or any website you might have, you will surely need some visual representations which can be images, presentations, covers, infographics, invitations, cover, social media add formats and so on.

Another marketing tool that every marketer should know about is Visme. This creative design tool can deliver professional visual content in a bit. You don’t need any designing skills because it gives you lots of templates and formats options.

10. ZestApp


Every marketer understands the pain when they write content and audiences don’t reach it or it received less traffic. Either the content needs improvement and you can do that with a content optimizer tool, like cognitiveSEO, which we mentioned above.

Another reason is that you haven’t shared and didn’t outreach. You can send newsletters using Mailchimp and share the article on social media platforms and ZestApp.

ZestApp is a growth hacking platform where you can share and discover content on everything related to digital marketing. Plus, it is free. There is also a mobile app to take your content everywhere you are.

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