Valorant Cheats, Tips, and Tricks: Master Riot’s New Shooter

Riot Games’ new shooter is for the prepared, skilled, and experienced. But even if you’re a newbie in Valorant games, this article will help you too. Although we will recommend, you spend some time mastering the basics of the game first before taking a plunge into it. However, you can also learn more from Battlelog and simplify the game. Follow this link to access Battlelog’s community.

So, what are the important tips and tricks to play valorant like a pro? We’ll share them down below.

Valorant Tips and Tricks for Game Mastery

1. Make extra money

It pays to have the extra money in Valorant. When you have money for your team to spend when necessary, you can win the game more. As you kill enemies, you make $200 for every successful kill. But if you succeed in planting the spike, you’re making a shopping $300. So, Make as much as you can to buy core abilities, Vandal, Phantom, or even Armor. All these items can assist you in critical situations to win the game.

Always plant a rearguard.

One good thing about team-based games is that you’ll have a support system. You’re not a lone wolf, and as such, the enemies can’t catch you unawares. So, always mount a team member to protect your rear or flank. Once a team member is there, you’ll get alerted of an imminent attack from that location. Don’t just focus on your target and forget that you can be a target at the same time.

Run from the Bomb

Every player will love to diffuse a bomb to make more points. But if you miss it, you’re losing all your money and gears. So, instead of that or giving your enemies more money for killing you, why not leave the bomb when you’re too exposed to risk it. You can run or hide away from those angry enemies and take all your precious possession to another round.

Don’t re-peek or lose your head.

Valorant is not a game where you can peek carelessly from a hiding point and live. Since the game doesn’t offer any Peeker’s Advantage, don’t take the risk. A sniper who noticed you behind a wall might be targeting you and patiently waiting for that second peek.

So, instead of sticking out your neck to him, use another route. But if you plan to distract a sniper until your teammates take him down, you can stay put and allow him to wait for the re-peek.

Heavy Weapons Penetrates Walls

If you want to master Valorant, take your time to study the weapons and know the blockbusters. With such weapons as Odin LMG, you can kill any enemy behind the walls. Weapons in Valorant come in three strengths. There are the low, medium, and high penetration classes. Some guns in the Low penetration class include Frenzy Pistol, Bucky Shotgun, Stinger SMG, etc.

For the Medium penetration, you can use Ghost Pistol, Spectre SMG, Vandal Assault Rifle, Judge Shotgun, etc. But for the high penetration guys, you can find Sheriff Pistol, Odin Machine Gun, Ares LMG, and Marshal Sniper Rifle.
So, if you’re aiming at shooting past those seemingly impenetrable walls, go for the third category.

Always crouch before a second shot.

If you want to achieve a sure-shot all the time, use this trick. After you’ve sent the first bullet at your enemy, crouch immediately before taking another shot. There are two reasons to do that. The first is that you’ll protect yourself from the enemy’s bullet, and the second is that you can land a low shot while controlling the recoil.

Train yourself more

Consistent and numerous practicing shootings can take you very far in Valorant. Once you improve in timing your shots, you can win more rounds. Also, you will become a great asset to your team. So, use Valorant training facilities as much as you can. One great tool to use is the “Timed target practice.” Set a high number of kills for yourself and time yourself to achieve it. That way, you can aim better and kill more too in the main game. Also, as you’re training yourself, try to master both the Valorant abilities and weapons.

Teamwork takes you far.

No matter how great your skills are, you will achieve more when your work with your team. Don’t operate as a lone wolf. Since you have a pack, strategize and coordinate your attacks. Also, plan several ways to kills your enemies, and don’t forget to plan your economy as a team too. All these will ensure more wins than trying to be a hero alone.


Every game is winnable if you know what to do. The starting periods can be challenging, but once you’ve played it more often with the best strategies, you can master it. Use the tips and tricks in this article to play valorant like a pro in no distant time.

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