50 Hilarious Ways To Explain Exactly What A ‘Fuckboy’ Is

For the crazy hunters spotting a Fuckboy in the wild is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Their adaptive nature helps them in actually blending in with the circumstances.

Similarly, when you enter the world of dating it is very easy for you to meet a fuckboy who has no intention of maintaining the relationship.

It is better to steer clear of such people and here are some signs that would help you identify them,

1.  A Person Who Is A Weak Ass Pussy That Ain’t Bout Shit.


2.  A Manipulating Dick Who Does Whatever It Takes To Benefit Him, Regardless Of Who He Screws Over. They Will Screw Over Anyone And Everyone As Long They Get What They Want.


3. Pussy/Punk Ass Dude, Bitch Ass *****, Etc.


4. A Guy That Leads Girls On And Flirts With Everyone. Messes With Girls’ Feelings


5. A Boy Who Fucks With Girls’ Feelings By Leading Them On And Making Them Feel Like Shit


6. When You Run Into Other Girls When You’re Out, He Definitely Doesn’t Introduce You As His Girlfriend, And Sometimes Doesn’t Introduce You At All.


7. A Teenage Boy Who Will Use And Hurt As Many Girls As Possible, As Long As They’re Getting Their Dick Sucked.


8. Boy Who Is A Player, Flirty And Knows How To Get You But Then Does The Same With Every Other Girl


9. The Entire Male Population Of Public High Schools


10. He Says Things Like, “We Should Hang” But Never Initiates An Actual Date.


11. He Bails On Plans Without Taking Your Feelings Into Account.


12. He’s Never Initiated Taking A Picture With You, And He’s Never Posted One Of You Guys Hanging Out On His Social Media.


13. An Immature, Worthless Boy Who Plays With Your Heart And Feelings Just So He Can Get His Dick Wet But Then Leaves You In The Dirt For Another Girl And Messes Her Up To. They Will Never Stop, They Were Born To Break Hearts


14. He’s Always Texting Other People When You’re Together, And They’re Def Not All Bros.


15. He Bails On Plans Without Taking Your Feelings Into Account.


16. He Uses Phrases Like, “Keep Me Posted” And, “Let’s Stay In Touch” When You Invite Him To Come Out Instead Of Just Giving You A Straight Answer.


17. When You Ask Him If He’s Seeing Anyone Else, He Avoids Answering And Says Something Like, You Don’t Have To Worry About That


18. His Friends Don’t Seem To Know Who You Are, Which Means Chances Are Slim He’s Raving About You To Them.


19. He’ll Disappear For Days Without You Hearing From Him, And When He Finally Resurfaces He Offers No Explanation, Like It’s Perfectly Normal.


20. He Shadily Will Not Respond To You During Prime Date Hours Of  7-11 PM, Because He’s Obvs On Other Dates.


21. The Biggest Asshole Possible


22. Fuckboys Come In All Shapes And Sizes And Results May Vary But When He A Fuckboy…He A Fuckboy…And U Will Know


23. A Poser Who Acts Like He Does Drugs And Says He Gets “Head” From Bountiful Bitches When In Fact Hes Just A Lame Bitch Ass Fool Who Trys To Act All That


24. After A Great Night Together, You Think You’ve Made A True Connection…But Then He Goes Silent For Two Weeks.


25. A Person Whose Only Purpose In Life Is To Fuck Shit Up.


Source: Thoughtcatalog.com, Cosmopolitan.com, Betches.com

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