Millennial Slang Words That Will Have You Shook

50 Millennial Slang Words That Will Have You Shook

The millennial are definitely different in their approach towards things. Everything about them is different and this includes the vocabulary they use.

There are terms and words that are impossible for you to even grasp forget understanding. We understand the concern and if you are dealing with a few of them here are some words that you must learn without failing.

Without them it is highly improbable you are going to understand what they are talking in the first place.


1. Bae

It’s the one you love “before anyone else. This word likely started as an attempt to say “baby or “babe but then they realized mid-way through the word that they just didn’t have the energy for that last vowell.

2. Basic

Only interested in mainstream, popular things

3. Can’t Even

Used to describe someone you cannot handle

4. Quiche

It means hotter than hot. And if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that quiches are sexy. Wait, what? Okay, maybe not. But maybe that’s why this millennial slang works. It’s like saying, “She’s so hot, she’s like my grandma’s slippers, or “Her bikini photos are like a kale smoothie. It works because it really, really doesn’t.

5. Snatched


6. Low Key

Low intensity / slight / kind of

7. Clap Back

A comeback filled with attitude

8. Extra

Over the top, dramatic behavior

9. Fam

A group of friends who feels more like family

10. Wig Snatched

Exposing someone to reveal the truth

11. Woke

Being aware of current affairs

12. Goals AF

It’s a shorthand for “Whatever we are discussing includes things I’ve like to achieve or possess in my life. It could be a sweet new tech gadget, or a beautiful woman you’d love to see on your arm. The AF (an acronym means “as [F-word]) just supplies emphasis.

13. Jomo

The “fear of missing out is so last generation. Millennials have upgraded to the next next best emotion, the joy of missing out, or 13. Jomo.

14. Cancel

When you encounter a ratchet person who’s hoping for a romantic connection, it’s time to cancel. It’s a less abrasive way of saying, no, this isn’t going to happen.

15. Swerve

It means you’re in the wrong lane—metaphorically speaking. When somebody requests that you “swerve, they’re saying, “You’re not welcome here. Get lost, leave us alone, swerve!

16. Ghost

When you completely disappear after hanging out and showing interest

17. Bye Felicia

If someone is leaving and you really don’t care, you dismiss them with “Bye, Felicia. It’s a diss that really only works if the person you’re trying to insult isn’t named Felicia. If she is, well, then you’ve been accidentally polite. Whoops!

18. The Struggle Is Real

Spoiler alert: if someone says this to you, you’re being made fun of. They’re saying that the thing you’re taking so seriously, that you consider such an egregious tragedy, might not be as bad as you think. The struggle is, in fact, not real, and you should learn to recognize sarcasm.

19. Foh

When you want to say you’re getting the “eff outta here, but are too polite to put it in so many words, the millennial acronym Foh does the job for you.

20. Clap Back

When you get dissed and you’re not just going to sit there and stew in your own juices, you return the favor with a clap back. Get it? You “clap them back. (Okay fine, we don’t understand either.)

21. Turn Up, Turnt Up, Turned Up

Yet another way to say “I’m having fun at this party without having to resort to saying “I’m having fun at this party.

22. OTP

One true pairing

23. I Can’t Even

You can’t even what? It doesn’t matter. It could be something specific, it could be reality in general. The point is, the world has gone insane, and we can’t even.

24. Ratchet


25. Yaas

An enthusiastic way of saying yes

26. Humble Brag

When you want to share how fantastic your life is but you don’t want to be that guy who brags that his life is fantastic, that’s when a humble brag comes into play. Just a dose of modesty or even self-deprecation, so it seems like your intent wasn’t to gloat (even though it obviously was). Example: “I have so much packing to do before my flight to Paris. UGH, my life right now is so complicated!

27. Basic

It’s not an insult necessarily, just a suggestion that your personality and opinions and physical attributes are particularly standard and middle-of-the-road. It’s like saying, “Oh, you have basic cable. That’s…. Okay, I guess. Okay fine, it’s a total insult. And for more on millennial behavior, read about why The Pasta Selfie Is Here and Carbs Never Looked So Chic.

28. Thirst Trap

A sexy photograph or flirtatious message posted on social media

29. Trolls

They don’t live under a bridge and they won’t ask you to answer these riddles three before passing. They’re just jerks who say nasty things to strangers online.

30. Throwing Shade

Making a subtly mean comment about someone

31. Netflix And Chill

Hooking up

32. SMH

Shaking my head

33. Thirsty

You’re craving something, and it’s not a tasty beverage. It could be anything from more Instagram followers or that woman you just spotted across the club. Can also be used in a self-deprecating manner; if you want it so much that you’re thirsty, it might be time to calm down.

34. Sipping Or Spilling The Tea

It started with a meme of Kermit the Frog sipping tea, which included the caption, “But that’s none of my business. It basically means pretending not to notice when something crazy or salacious is happening. When you’re spilling the tea, that usually signifies that gossip is being shared, and therefore the tea is a little more difficult to swallow.

35. Said No One Ever

Four words that can negate just about any statement, with just the right amount of sneering sarcasm. “I sure love family picnics…. said no one ever.

36. Fomo

Fear of missing out

37. Thirsty


38. Dad

A role model

39. Savage


40. Bounce

It’s when you have to leave someplace quickly. “I gotta bounce.

41. Dead

When someone is euphorically happy

42. Goals

A way of subtly expressing that you’re jealous

43. Phubbing

Snubbing someone to pay attention to your phone instead

44. Sorry Not Sorry

It’s when you want to make it crystal clear to somebody exactly how un-remorseful you really are about something. And for more great trivia, here are the 30 Words That Will Make You Sound Instantly Smarter.

45. Swerve

Get out of the way

46. AF

An acronym for “as fuck”

47. Bruh

Another way of saying “seriously?”

48. Humble Brag

When someone complains about their life while sneaking in a brag

49. Trolls

Someone who purposely tries to provoke others

50. Beat

To have a full face of makeup



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