Money Scams In Craigslist Chattanooga

5 Most Popular Money Scams On Craigslist Chattanooga

Money is dear to anyone in the world. And money is one of the most scarce resources. So, people who have more of money try to make it more and people who have less try to snatch it from people who have more.

And as a result you will come through a number of money scams and fraud cases.

One of the most ideal places to carry out such scams on the earth is Craigslist. This is one of the websites where a lot of buying and selling transactions take place on a daily basis.

And also this place is known for the goods and services too. And since such transactions and sites are omnipresent and thus it is quite difficult to distinguish yourself from such sites.

In case you are at the Chattanooga Craigslist then we will introduce you to five of the most common scams that you must be aware of.

These scams are quite common and thus you will come through a number of people using same old tales to dupe people.

Of course such money laundering scams on real estates are at an all time high and thus you need to make sure that you are not trapped in any of these.

Let’s Have A Look At Five Of The Most Common Scams Which Are Seen Here At Craigslist Chattanooga –

money scam

1. North Shore Scams

many people are lined up to get good real estate deals at the North Shore. And thus the scams have also increased like anything there. Scam artists and such frauds display pictures of property on Craigslist at unbelievable prices. Unfortunately, they are never true, but they will ask for some security money and as soon as you pay the money you will never be able to find a trace of the person who took your money.

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2. Buying Car On Craigslist

A women bought a car at $7000 from a man on Craigslist. The man signed the sales paper in front of her but didn’t gave her the title saying that he will give it soon. The lady handed the cash and bought home the car. Within a month of it’s purchase, the automobile lot took away the car because the man owned them $16000 which he was not ready to pay. The lady at the end lost $7000 and the car too.


3. Kindle Scam

One women had listed her kindle for sale on Craigslist Chattanooga. A buyer approached her and was willing to pay four time her asking price for the kindly. He agreed to pay in check and said that the remaining amount she should pay to the vendor because he is not ready to pick up the kindly by a standard mail. But here is the scam. As soon as you present check to the bank and it gets bounced, you have to pay the bank.


4. Rental Properties

We all know our rental budgets and the kind of property we will get in that rental budget on Craigslist. So rather than expecting any miracle, it’s better to be realistic. And thus don’t fall into any trap of getting something which is wow at never before seen prices.


5. Another Rental Scam

Here scam artists keep looking for hot properties on Craigslist Chattanooga and then they keep tapping people who are in hurry to rent those properties mostly bachelors.

And then they will offer you some never before seen deals and irrestible offers. When you are done with the payment and visit the property then you realize that someone else is living there and the property does not even belong to the man to whom you paid the money.

So, these are some of the most common scams at Chattanooga Craigslist. You need to be well educated. Research well, do your homework and then only visit Craigslist Chattanooga.

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