Monster Launches BeKnown, a Facebook App, for Job Seekers and Recruiters

Nearly a quarter of job seekers around the world use social networking for job search., best known for its job board, has recently launched, BeKnown, a new social network that aims to help people separate their professional and personal lives inside of Facebook.

Once connected from within Facebook, the application walks new users through creating a profile, drawing on existing information in the person’s Facebook bio or Monster profile (if they have one) to include professional details. It’s also possible to invite contacts to connect as members of BeKnown, even if you are not Facebook friends, and it’s easy to find and connect with your LinkedIn and Twitter contacts as well.

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BeKnown Features

BeKnown interacts with a job seeker’s profile on, and allows applicants to use a one-click apply button.
It finds and recommends jobs for you based on your skills and experience—before you even do a search.
One can also view jobs that are posted by people in your network
It has a mechanism to allow your contacts to endorse you.
It allows recruiters to create jobs on their company pages, and it integrates jobs already included in the Monster site.

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Interestingly, Monster plans to include the opportunity for a company to identify and pay referral fees to BeKnown users who refer successful candidates.

To know more about networking for jobs, join BeKnown and learn more about how it works.

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