Moslow’s Hierarchy of Needs For Prioritization of An Individual’s Business Strategy

In one of our earlier posts, WITS Zen discussed about Moslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and found the concept wrong in a very fundamental way in today’s networked world, where needs are not hierarchical, and are  anchored in our ability to make social connections. (Read the Article)

Now, R “Ray” Wang, a Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research Group and the author of the popular enterprise software blog “A Software Insider’s Point of View“, says that Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs provides Prioritization Of An Individual’s Needs. Why? Today’s next gen C-level executives face an onslaught of business priorities that must address the organization’s basic needs from regulatory compliance to higher level needs that include the management of the brand.  The business hierarchy of needs uses an analogous framework to Maslow’s.  Using the framework, business priorities and related projects can be aligned with the five levels that include :








He further adds,  with Maslow’s framework for motivation, the business adaptation delivers a framework for all c-level execs to:

  • Align projects and priorities using the five categories in the framework
  • Budget resources, funding, and investments in a portfolio management model by type of business need.
  • Craft a strategy and portfolio mix based on business models and business need
  • Develop a methodology to include in overall corporate strategy
  • Evaluate with regular frequency for opportunities to improve

Read the complete article ” Apply Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs To C-Level Business Strategy

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