Most Amazing Fitness Feats

11 Most Amazing Fitness Feats Of 2020

2020 was defined by at-home workouts and DIY exercise equipment. However, unlike celebrities, these athletes managed to take fitness to the next level even in the time of Covid 19. Take a look.

1. A Woman Ran a 5:25 Mile at 9 Months Pregnant


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Utah-based runner Makenna Myler ran a 5:25 mile at nine months pregnant in October. Her accomplishment went viral on TikTok after her husband Mike shared a video of her impressive mile time.

2. J.J. WATT – Insane Box Jump (61 IN)

Two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt shows his explosiveness in the record-setting box jump.


Poundstone, the 33-year-old, deadlifts a truck back in America’s Strongest Man competition, where he would be named the champion.

4. One Man Bear-Crawled for the Entire Length of a Marathon to Honor Veterans


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Devon Lévesque, a 28-year-old health and fitness entrepreneur from New Jersey, managed to complete 26.2 miles worth of bear crawls in November at the New York City Marathon.


Proto, who owns multiple Guinness World Records like the Heaviest Weighted Pullup, does it again with 14 consecutive pullups with a 100-pound pack.


Meitei perfected the pinky-up and launched himself into the Guinness record books with 16 consecutive.

7. A Professional Roller Skater Broke the Record for Most Cartwheels On Roller Skates In One Minute


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Roller skating turned out to be one of the most popular fitness trends of 2020. But one professional roller skater, Tinuke Oyediran (aka Tinuke’s Orbit), took the trend to an entirely new level.

8. This Personal Trainer Completed a 48-Hour Fitness Challenge In Less Than 21 Hours


9. An Irish Family Broke 4 Guinness World Records for Charity

In 2020, one family from Kerry, Ireland crushed four Gunnies Book of World records, all in the spirit of giving back. To help support Irish humanitarian-aid agency, GOAL, and its Virtual Mile, the Hickson family accomplished several unique fitness challenges.

10. A Paraplegic Man Swam 150 Laps In One Day

In 2019, Australian resident Luke Whatley, who is paralyzed from the waist down, swam 100 laps in one day. In 2020, to commemorate International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, Whatley added 50 laps to his previous record for a grand total of 150 swimming laps.

11. A Professional Contortionist Did 402 L-Seat Straddle Presses to Handstand

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