Motivational Snippets for Entrepreneurs:Why We Do What We Do (via Tony Robbins)

Welcome to our weekly series, “Motivational Snippets for Entrepreneurs”. We are  back again after a shot hiatus.

We understand  being an entrepreneur means running into challenges, roadblocks, and setbacks while building a sustainable and successful business venture. And despite having such challenges, every time an entrepreneur tries to keep the ball rolling.So, its a mix of inspiration and perspiration that leads to the path of SUCCESS.Every week, we present a short video snippet to inspire and motivate your journey to become a successful entrepreneur. Hope, this short snippet will motivate you to move forward.

In this motivational snippet, pioneering Life Coach Tony Robbins, who believes “We all have the ability to make a positive impact on the world, and it’s up to us, as individuals, to overcome our fears and foibles to reach that potential.”

Here in this vitalizing video, he  discusses the “invisible forces” that motivate everyone’s actions. It deserves a dekko:

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