NeceSera Launches ‘True You’ Collection Sleepwear
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NeceSera Launches ‘True You’ Collection Sleepwear

The clothing industry today has reached a whole new level of revolution and expectations. People peep for clothes that are laidback yet luxurious, chic yet comfortable and trendy yet timeless. It is in this world of contradictions that NeceSera heralds in a dreamy interlude with the ‘True You’ collection.

Sassy Slumber Top

NeceSera aims to be your one perfect stop for sumptuous fabrics that smoothly serenade your skin with designs as vibrant as the kaleidoscope of your dreams. We are here to give you what you are looking for.

Wake Me for Coffee Lounge Top

We know that you hustle hard during the day, but when you are back, reward yourself with restful comfort. Take a timeout from all the expectations and allow your real self to breathe in respite.

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Let the original you bud out and set in full bloom. Be it exciting, carefree, adventurous, vulnerable, impulsive, quirky or anything, become whoever you hunger to be. You are all set to be the ‘True You’ in NeceSera’s new sleepwear collection.

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We cut our products out of passionate fabric and sew them with unparalleled artistry. NeceSera, the hub of contended stylish sleepwear was created as a reverential salute to the artistic landscape of Europe. Riddhi Jain, an imaginative 23-year-old has the strong aspiration to fulfill the desires of women’s comfy nightwear.

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She created NeceSera for catering to the very basic yet significant purpose i.e. to make loungewear what it should really be. Here you will find a nightwear that you’ll look forward to coming home to, a nightwear that lets you carry a small piece of home with you, wherever and whenever you go out in the world.

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What you wear speaks so much about you, and for your hard-earned downtime, we want to keep the party going by weaving in our experiences through a palette of beautiful colours, pretty designs and appealing graphics. NeceSera takes its commitment to ultimate comfort levels much seriously.

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With founder Riddhi Jain, who often spends six months to source the right fabrics, you are assured of superior quality. Her devotion is complemented by the aesthetic sensibilities of a design team based in Europe. Coming together, the label creates pieces that cut across the arbitrary barriers of trends and fads to speak to the real you.

NeceSera Launches ‘True You’ Collection Sleepwear_3

When you buy from us, you not only buy clothes that you can feel good in but also the clothes that you feel good about. Being much cautious and conscious about the environment we live in, NeceSera is devoted to create products with digital printing as an eco-friendly substitute and also opts for 70% recycled water consumption.

NeceSera Launches ‘True You’ Collection Sleepwear_1

Each piece of clothing from NeceSera has a story behind it. Pick up your favourite product and we’ll let you unravel your story at your own pace while making some new memories of your own in our creations.The store promises you truly comfortable collection of clothing. Customer satisfaction is what we dream and work for- today and tomorrow.

Have a restful shopping experience and a comfy sleeping time!

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