Need Not Worry Too Much About Monetizing Your Business Idea

Need Not Worry Too Much About Monetizing Your Business Idea

You shouldn’t worry too much about monetizing your business idea, initially. Rather, should work towards converting your idea into a business reality.

And,  you can “find some way to fund the business in the long run”, this is what Adam D’ Angelo, co-founder Quora, shares  secret sauce with  entrepreneur-startups in his interview in Business Insider.

(Quora is a question and answer site full of intelligent responses from knowledgeable people. It was founded by former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in 2009.)

When Adam D’Angelo left his job as Facebook’s CTO in January, the blogosphere was buzzing.But months later, the young talent  reappeared on the tech scene with a startup of his own, Quora. At first, Quora’s doesn’t sound like anything special. It’s a Q&A site, not unlike Yahoo Questions or Aardvark.

But Quora stands out with its contributors – the people answering questions on the site. They are the brightest in tech – including Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, Marc Andreessen, the most powerful VC in Silicon Valley, and Fred Wilson, the most powerful VC in New York. “Normal” users seem to be comprised of an army of execs from hot startups and tech giants.

If you are eager to know:

  • How entrepreneurs can benefit from Quora
  • Where the idea for Quora came from
  • Business lessons learned from Facebook
  • How to scale a startup and keep quality
  • What it’s like to have VCs throwing money at you
  • What’s with Gen-Y and entrepreneurship?

Read the complete re-published interview in Business Insider.


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