Photographer Captured Nude Dancers For Stunning Moonlit Poses

Art cannot be explained and this photographer Jordan Matter has literally proved that. His stunning pictures of nude dancers at locations in the US, Canada and Europe have left people astounded.

These moonlit poses are just remarkable and reveal that beauty can be presented in multiple ways possible. Have a look at some of his creations.

1. The Gorgeous Photos Of The Nude Band of Dancers Were Snapped From Manhattan Portrait Photographer, Jordan Matter, For Their New Book Dancers After-dark. The Male Dancer Was Captured In Times Square And The Female Dancer Were Photographed In Harlem



2. That Acrobatic Dancer Was Captured Constructed On A Lampost At London At Front Of the Town’s Great Bell Of The Sin, Also Called Big Ben And Facing The Houses Of Parliament



3. Matter, Who Is Also The Author Of The New York Times Bestseller Titled Dancers Among Us, Shot The Dancers Without Clothes At Many Locations In The Us, Canada And Europe. This Group Of Acrobatic Dancers Posed On A Street In Chicago



4. Houston Ballet Dancer Harper Watters Also Posed For Matter As A Human Statue At The Rockefeller Center. During This Photo Shoot It Was Raining On A Chilly New York City Night



5. In This Breathtaking Photo, Two Dancers Hang From A Tree As Snow Blankets The Ground In Montreal, Canada



6. For Each Photo Shoot Matter Instructed The Group Of Dancers To Practice The Poses With Their Clothes On, So They Would Only Need To Pose Naked For Less Than A Minute For The Shots. These Dancers Were Photographed In New York City



7. Matter Wrote On His Website That The Project Represents ‘our Willingness To Throw Ourselves Into The Streets Without Fear Of Failure’. A Dancer Poses On Huge Rocks Near A San Francisco Beach



8. Some Dancers Put Their Bodies Through Elements To Capture These Breathtaking Photos Taking During The Winter In Montreal



9. The Expressive, Dynamic And Artistic Images In Matter’s New Book Will Be Available To The Public On Tuesday And Is Being Published Through The Workman Publishing Co. These Talented Dancers Are Posing On A Street In Montreal, Canada



10. A Man Holds Up A Female Dancer With One Arm As She Gracefully Poses Midair In Amsterdam, Netherlands



11. These Elegant Dancers Were Photographed Posing In Paris, France, In Front Of The Notre Dame Cathedral



Source: Newszii.Com

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