Omar Khayyam

18 Best Omar Khayyam Quotes About Love

1. The wind of life is sometimes fierce. Overall life, however, is good. And it’s not scary when your bread is black, It is terrible when your soul is black …

Omar Khayyam

2. Yes, a woman is like a wine, And where wine is, There it is important for a man, To know his own limit. Do not look for reasons in wine, If drunk – It is not guilty. Yes, in a woman, as in a book, there is wisdom. Able to understand her great meaning, only the wisest. And do not be angry at a book, If you are illiterate and can’t read it.

3. Eyes can talk. Shout out happiness and anger. You can show love with your eyes, Make people mad, make them cry. Words can deceive, this is impossible with your eyes. You can drown in one’s eyes if you are careless …

4. I think it is better to be lonely, Than to give the passion of the soul to someone, Having given an invaluable gift to a nobody, Having met a soulmate, you will not be able to love them.

5. You can seduce a man who has a wife, You can seduce a man whose mistress, But you cannot seduce a man who has a woman that he loves!

6. One will not understand what roses smell like, Another will get the sweetest honey out of sand … One will remember a small gift for life, The other will not get it, won’t appreciate you …

7. If you’ll look for pleasure all your life: Drink wine, listen to the music and caress ladies It doesn’t matter, you will have to part with it. Life is like a dream. But you cannot sleep forever!

8. Be careful to be captivated by the beauty, friend! Beauty and love are two sources of torment. For this beautiful kingdom does not last forever: It strikes the heart and it is gone.

9. Incompatible, we are sometimes full of desires In one hand we have a glass, the other one is on the Qur’an … That’s how we live under a blue sky Semi-barbarians and semi-Muslims!

10. If you want to touch a rose, Don’t be afraid to cut your hands, If you want to drink, Don’t be afraid to get sick with a hangover. A beautiful love, tremulous and passionate, If you want it – do not be afraid to feel the pain!

11. Beautiful to be – does not mean to be born this way, After all, we can learn beauty. When a person is handsome in soul What appearance can rival such beauty?

12. Love was the first thing, In the song of youth, The first word is love. Oh, a fool ignorant in the world of love, Know that love is the basis of our whole life!

13. Oh shame, shame to the heart, where there is no burning passion. Where there is no love torment, where there is no dream of happiness. A day without love is lost: dimmer and greyer, Than a day of barren and ruins, despair and bad weather.

14. Shame to the heart, which is colder than ice, Does not burn with love, does not know about it, And for a lover’s heart – A day spent without a beloved is the worst of the days!

15. Giving yourself is not selling. And to sleep next to someone – Does not mean to have sex. To not execute revenge – Does not mean to forget everything. Not to be near – Does not mean not to love.

16. Do not pray for love, don’t be hopeless, Do not wander under the window of a wrongdoer and grieve. Like beggars are dervishes, be independent, It may just so happen that someone will fall in love with you.

17. You are a mine, if you are in search for a ruby, You are loved, if you live by the hope of a date. Understand the essence of these words – simple, and wise: Everything that you are looking for, You will certainly find in yourself!

18. In this world, love is the decoration of people. To be deprived of love is to be without friends. The one whose heart does not cling to the drink of love, Is a donkey, although they do not wear donkey ears!

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