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Online Age Verification: Save Your Minors and Businesses

442 children died in the USA in 2015, due to drug overdose. 5000 people under age 21 die due to alcohol-related injuries including under-age drinking. The question is why is it so easy for our children to get alcohol and drugs while there are laws prohibiting underage selling of these products.

The answer is maybe the sellers are not taking the law seriously or do not understand their responsibility towards their profession. Online age verification is an all in one solution for liquor stores (online or physical). It is cost-effective, fast and easy to use.

What is life for one person might be death for the other. Online and physical liquor stores and drug stores need to understand their responsibility towards the children of their nation.

Once the seller makes up his mind to comply with age verification, running online age verification takes less than a minute and it might save a life.

1. Why Liquor Stores Need An Online Age Verification Solution?

age veryfication

Online age verification service is an all-rounder solution for thorough compliance with age verification regulations. The benefits of using an online age verification solution are mentioned below:

2. Swift Verification

Either it is a liquor store or a superstore, they both value their customers and do not wish to shy them away with long and hefty verification and screening processes. Online age verification is the solution to this problem.

Online age verification solutions often deliver results within 30 to 60 seconds. The swiftness does not compromise on the quality of results. Shufti Pro is one of such global age verification solution provider. It delivers swift results and also offers a 15 days free trial of its services.

So, choose wisely to practice thorough security and screening of your customers.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is one of the major motivations for Liquor stores to verify the age of their customers. Global regulations are quite stringent regarding age verification of customers of age-restricted products.

Liquor stores, drug stores, vapes, e-cigarette sellers, etc. are all liable for compliance with rules regarding verification of the age of their customers. In case of non-compliance, the sellers are liable for penalties or cancelation of certificates of law-suit from the parents of the minor.

In Georgia, if a minor is in an accident due to alcohol consumption the parents can sue the seller under the “dram shop” claim. In case the parents are able to prove that the alcohol was sold to the minor knowingly that he might drive a vehicle after consumption. In this case, the alcohol seller is liable for compensation changes.

So, using an online age verification solution helps the alcohol seller to gain credibility by regulatory compliance and also eliminates the risk of law-suits from parents whose children are hurt in alcohol-related injuries.

Also, there are some age verification solutions that save the verification results in the back office provided to the merchant. So, if someone tries to trap you in a “dram shop” scandal, you can show the verification results and eliminate the fraud from the root.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Every business has some sort of social responsibility. The digital age has made everything clear to the masses. People know about the regulations and social responsibility of businesses.

Alcohol and other age-restricted goods sellers are required to practice corporate social responsibility to eliminate selling alcohol, drugs, vapes, etc. to minors.

To wrap up, online age verification software helps the age-restricted goods seller to practice regulatory compliance while onboarding legitimate customers. Technological advancements must be utilized completely for the benefit of your business.

Manual verification is timely and the chances of human error are also high. Using an outsourced solution reduces the compliance headache and provides a risk cover against frauds, and penalties.

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