8 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites For Electronics

Shopping for electronics requires a little more discretion than other items. This is probably because most of these items are long term purchases and high priced too. You would not want to invest too much money in an item that is not even worth the price.

First and foremost it is necessary that you shop for the items at a trustworthy website. Here we bring for you the cheapest online shopping sites for electronics and help you make a decision.

1. Tech Bargains

online shopping

There are many websites that claim of offering you the best deals. However, when you start looking for a product it is quite difficult to find one that has the best deal on it. Tech bargains though is slightly different in this matter.

When you search for an item in the related category it looks through the best deals available and gives you a quick compilation of all the options. You can even sign up for their newsletters to get the hang of what deals are burning the market at that moment.


2. Slick Deals

This website operates through its community members who search for deals worldwide and submit them on the site. It is the job of the other members to vote on the efficacy of the deals so you know whether a particular deal is right or not.

Apart from that editors also create specific lists related to any category. Also to ensure that you do not get trapped only those buyers are shown who have a positive ranking on the website,


3. Newegg

online shopping

In operation for the last two decades, Newegg is one of the best online shopping sites available. It started off by focussing only on computer hardware but later on diversified into electronics and other software items.

Later they added other categories too but they still remain one of the best places to find electronic items. However, they only offer seller protection for products priced up to $1000 and if you are looking to buy something above that, this may not be the right option.


4. Micro Center

Micro center only offers electronics products and nothing else. It also has physical stores around the USA if you are amongst those who wish to buy electronics after reviewing.

You can also look for refurbished products and open box ones too. There is a discount on every product and the customers stand to benefit the most in such cases.


5. Swappa


Again a website focusing on technology there is a catch here. The products available here are second hand and mostly in good condition. You can deal with the seller directly and no commission is deducted in between.

To ensure that there are no spoilt items sold they have a strict selection process which is followed sincerely. This means that you can actually buy some of the high brands at extremely reasonable prices.


6. Banggood

Though this is a Chinese website the products are shipped to the USA as well. Even for a single purchase, you get wholesale prices which means that you get to save a decent amount of money.

Though you might occasionally see Xiaomi products available on sale other reputed brands stay away from this website, However, you get almost every other electronic product available and that too at very reasonable prices. The issue remains its shipping time as it takes a lot of time for the products to reach their destination.


7. Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct

Differing from Bang good, Tiger Direct only sells branded products and is based in the USA. The products it sells can be divided into 10 categories which are Computers, monitors, printers, software, data storage, power management, CPU, memory, and surveillance.

However they ship the products only to USA and Canada and that can be considered as a major drawback as such.


8. B & H

Majorly an online retailer B & H primary focus is video and audio gear and you can get the best deals for this category here. Though they also sell computers and other tech items their strong point still remains related to audio technology.

They also have a used section where you can get items at slightly lesser prices as they have been used by other people before. Come to them if you need photography related stuff and for sure you would not be disappointed.



When in the market to buy electronics you cannot afford to make any mistakes. The need is to purchase the product from a reliable place which you know is going to get you the best deal without any hurdles.

In most cases, you should do your share of research before you finalize any particular product.

Also do a thorough check and read the reviews of existing users to understand the flaws and benefits of each item. What may be an interesting feature as per you may actually not be a big benefit after all hence being careful is needed.

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