Oracle’s Study On Socially Enabled Enterprise

To demonstrate how organizations are leveraging social technologies and practices, Oracle, Leader Networks, and Social Media Today surveyed more than 900 marketing and technology executives from organizations around the world. The results showed that transitioning to a socially-enabled enterprise is a key priority for business executives, and also highlighted the challenges organizations need to overcome to realize the potential of social technologies.

The study defines socially enabled enterprise as ” A set of collaborative processes that have the potential to yield improved business processes that are customer-driven such as faster time to market with new products and services, more successful research and development outcomes and refined market messages that are explicitly influenced by customer needs.”

Key Findings

  • There is a widespread adoption of social platforms in organizations
  • Larger organizations (those with 50,000+ employees) are much further along the path to becoming socially enabled enterprises
  • Becoming a socially enabled organization is considered part of the strategic agenda
  • The Transition towards a socially enabled enterprise is not expected to be easy
  • Social business performance measurement is expected to be more operational/process focussed in the future

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