Customer Service Team

Looking To Outsource Your Customer Service Team? We’ve Got You Covered

Customer Service Team

AwesomeOS is shaking up its industry, making customer service a reward-winning and uniquely success-focused addition for your startup to add as a real feather in its cap. Our people are amazing at what they do, and for good reason: AwesomeOS has collected the best people and has given them the best environment to do what they do best.

Multi-Platform Options

AwesomeOS can facilitate any kind of customer service that will best meet the needs of your startup. 24/7 personnel that can function on any platform will handle your customers with your personal company culture in mind. We make it our job to make sure that by choosing to outsource your customer care, you have chosen the very best way to provide excellent service to your customer base!

Personalized Culture To Match Your Startup’s Needs

Your customer base and your personalized corporate/company culture are foremost in our minds as we provide an exclusive team of dedicated staff that will provide the one-on-one services you need to provide to your customers.

AwesomeOS will work with you to make sure the correct culture will be provided when dealing with the most important part of your startup: your customer base.

A personalized team will always be the staff that provides dedicated service for your company, and any idea of generic, non-specific operators is not even in our vocabulary. Our operators will be your operators, and the transition is guaranteed to be seamless.

Innovative, Award-Winning Customer Service

AwesomeOS provides a simplified business model, and because of our unique ability to provide top-notch, dedicated service to industry titans and disruptive startups, we have become an award-winning company that is sought after for game-changing customer support.

At AwesomeOS, we are proud of our accomplishments, and we can’t wait to work with your startup to begin giving exceptional service to your customers, as well.

Happy, Healthy Personnel to Provide Excellent Service

Our call centers are located in the beautiful beach city of Davao. We set the bar high above other customer service outsourcing companies when we care for our personnel.

Here are just a few of the unique services that our team have to keep them happy with their own work environment and culture so that they can provide great service to all of our customers:

  • Medical care that is provided by an in-house clinic and dispensary; keeping our staff healthy and feeling good is a high priority of AwesomeOS.
  • Daycare: keeping families happy is another way we attract the very best staff. In-house daycare allows for more time spent with family for working parents.
  • Inhouse mental health care and therapy: stressful situations and mental health issues are important to us, and AwesomeOS has mental health specialists on staff to provide any support needed to staff that are having a mental health issue.
  • Unlimited massage therapy during breaks or lunch for employees, provided by professional in-house masseurs
    We offer yoga, mental health, self-defense, and nutrition courses twice weekly for our staff to empower themselves and learn new skills for general health and happiness.
  • Besides ocean views, our beautiful, modern facilities offer amazing indoor water features and even a putting green to provide a culture that is geared toward positivity.

Bring Amazing Service To Your Customers Today

Get your own customer service experience for your startup in little or no time with AwesomeOS. Bring your company culture to your customers through our experienced, vetted, and enthusiastic team of customer service experts. We are ready and waiting to make your company better. Contact us today at AwesomeOS to begin your journey today!

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