Best Password Managers

15 Best Password Managers That Make Your Information More Secure

Best Password Managers

We have selected the 15 best password managers to organize logins and passwords, that will you make your password generation, storing, and sharing both easier and more secure.


1. Last Pass

Powered by category-defining products like Go To, Last Pass, Rescue, Central and more, Log Me In has become one of the world’s largest SaaS companies with tens of millions of active users, more than 3,500 global employees, over $1.3 billion in annual revenue and approximately 2 million customers in over 190 countries.

Today, Log Me In is the trusted partner for companies of all sizes to connect, collaborate, secure their workforces, and support employees and customers. Our portfolio of essential products helps you:

  • Enable flex, hybrid, and remote work policies, keeping your employees happier, safer, and more productive
  • Guarantee business continuity in the face of disruptions, with teams and operations running
  • Accelerating your ability to hit sustainability goals, while reducing costs


Auto fill allows form fields online to be automatically populated with your relevant information. If you use password auto fill – like password managers provide – your username and password are automatically filled in when you visit sites you’ve saved.

For example, if you do online banking, every time you visit your bank website, your username and password will automatically populate in the correct fields – so you can log in with one click.

But auto fill doesn’t stop at passwords. You can also auto fill addresses, credit card information and more.

2. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault follows the host-proof hosting security pattern. Using this mechanism, it encrypts and decrypts your data on the client-side with your master password and only store the encrypted data on its servers.

Your master password is not stored anywhere or transmitted to our servers: it stays with you. This prevents unauthorized users–including Zoho’s employees–from accessing your data.


  • Safe Password Vault
  • Secure Password Sharing
  • Auto-login and Password Autofill
  • Streamlined Access Management
  • Bulk Password Sharing
  • Real-Time Password Audit
  • Detailed Visual Reports
  • Password Reset Alerts
  • Customized Security Alerts
  • Acquire Business Passwords
  • Fine-Grained Controls
  • IP Restriction
  • Emergency Access
  • Password Access Control
  • Security Protocols
  • Mobile Apps

3. True Key

With Google apps like Gmail, Google Pay, and Google Assistant, Chrome can help you stay productive and get more out of your browser.

Chrome works hard to protect your data and privacy online. With easy-to-use privacy controls, Chrome lets you customize your settings and browsing experience to how you see fit.

From password check, dark mode, and the Google address bar, Chrome helps you get things done and stay safe online.


With helpful features from Google, Chrome helps you get things done and stay safe online. Make quick and easy calculations right from the search bar.

From your laptop, to your tablet, to your phone, your stuff in Chrome goes where you go. When you turn sync on, you can access your bookmarks, saved passwords, and secure payment info. Choose from a variety of themes and colors, like Dark mode, to suit your needs or just your mood.

Tabs help you stay organized, keep track of multiple pages, and multi-task. You can group tabs together for better organization or pin tabs to automatically open websites you use the most.

Easily control audio and video playing in any Chrome tab. Open the media hub to access controls to manage what’s playing or pop out a video to view it in picture-in-picture mode.

With profiles, you can keep all your Chrome info separate, like bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings. Profiles are ideal for sharing a computer with multiple people, or keeping your different accounts separate, like work and personal.

When you’re on your phone, Chrome surfaces articles, blogs and content from around the web, tailored to your interests. The more you use Chrome, the more personalized it gets

4. Keeper

Its zero-knowledge security platform scales to meet the size and requirements of your organization. Join the millions of people who use Keeper to protect their passwords and private information.

For business that needs advanced provisioning, reporting tools and delegated administration, learn more about Keeper Enterprise.

Protect your family’s online privacy with Keeper Family. Keeper manages your passwords to prevent data breaches, improve employee productivity, cut helpdesk costs and meet compliance standards.


Keeper uses a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture and is the most audited and certified product on the market. Keeper protects your business and client data with the privacy, security and confidentiality requirements of your industry.

Keeper has an intuitive user interface for computers, smartphones and tablets that can be deployed rapidly with no upfront equipment or installation costs.

Keeper’s configurable roles, role-based permissions and admin privileges align with your organizational structure and policies. Keeper scales for businesses of all sizes.

5. Blur

With the new version of Blur for Android, your saved accounts can auto-fill when visiting websites in your Chrome browser, and when logging in to other Android Apps. No more switching apps or copying and pasting, just tap and go!

Better than a password manager: Blur secures all the personal information you put online – making it fast and easy to login and checkout from your browser, phone or tablet.


Better Passwords

  • Stop forgetting passwords and generate tough-to-crack new ones:
  • Creates strong encrypted passwords in one click – even for sites you already have logins for
  • Saves, encrypts and organizes your passwords. Logs you in fast.
  • Works seamlessly across your Android
  • Access your data from home, work or on the road (but please, not
    while driving!)

Secure Payments

  • A site you’ve shopped gets hacked and your logins and passwords are stolen in the data breach? No problem: your credit card info won’t even be there:
  • Shop online without ever giving out your credit card to merchants
  • Masked Cards let you pay using new disposable credit cards (like Paypal, but better)
  • Charges show up as Abine, Inc. on your statement to protect your privacy


A best-in-class password only you know protects your account information from anyone, even us.

  • Passwords and key data are secured with AES-256 encryption
  • Separate keys are used for authentication/authorization and data encryption
  • Encryption keys are stored using host-proof hosting
  • Encrypted data is stored using optional personal storage accounts (e.g. DropBox)
  • Key JavaScript functions run in protected contexts, not in the page

6. KeePass

Today, you have to remember many passwords. You need a password for a lot of websites, your e-mail account, your webserver, network logins, etc. The list is endless.

Also, you should use a different password for each account, because if you would use only one password everywhere and someone gets this password, you would have a problem: the thief would have access to all of your accounts.

KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can store all your passwords in one database, which is locked with a master key.

So you only have to remember one single master key to unlock the whole database. Database files are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES-256, ChaCha20 and Twofish). For more information, see the features page.


  • KeePass supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithm to encrypt its password databases. Both of these ciphers are regarded as being very secure.
  • AES e.g. became effective as a U.S. Federal government standard and is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information.

7. Enpass

Keep your credit cards, bank accounts, licences or any kind of attachment handy in Enpass. No last-minute hassle. Fill your credit cards and banking information automatically on shopping websites, and save yourself from phishing attacks.

Do a regular health check-up of your passwords and filter out your weak, compromised, old and expired passwords. Create separate profiles for personal, family and work to keep your data organized, segregated and shared with other members.

Secure not only your passwords but also your bank accounts, licenses or any sort of records, including attachments, by using 80+ built-in templates.


Enpass gives you relief from remembering all the horrible passwords by securely storing them behind one strong master password. That’s all.

All your data is saved locally on your device, not on our servers. Your information never leaves your device until you explicitly choose to do so by syncing through any of your cloud accounts, and even then it’s encrypted.

Enpass makes your browsing experience smooth and safe by autofilling the login details, identities and credit cards for you. You don’t need to go into tiresome copy and paste operations as Enpass can fill them right away with one click.

8. Bitwarden

Your private information is protected with end-to-end encryption before it ever leaves your device.
Bitwarden source code, features, and infrastructure security are vetted and improved by our global community.

Access Bitwarden from anywhere, with any platform, in 40 languages. Bitwarden gives you power to create and manage unique passwords, so you can strengthen privacy and boost productivity online from any device or location.

Protect your online data using a password manager you can trust. Bitwarden conducts regular third-party security audits and is compliant with Privacy Shield, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 security standards.


Visit the forums for User-to-User Support and to discuss and submit Feature Requests, including viewing our Roadmap. Check out our help center for documentation and a list of frequently asked questions.

9. Dashlane

Remember what it used be like? Fast. Open. And hyper-convenient. (Okay, and a little wild.) All the best things—the conversations, the shopping, the endless information—seemed free.

Now, the internet is a series of hoops. Of hurdles. A series of hoopy hurdles that slows you down every time you want to check your email, buy a gift, just read the dang news.


For seamless deployment, simple employee management, and a best-in-class security architecture that has never been hacked. For being an easy-to-use password manager that won’t get in the way of their work.

Dashlane is the only password manager with a reporting dashboard that allows you to pinpoint password hygiene problems, encourage action with specific employees or teams, and track changes over time.


10. 1Password

Millions of customers and more than 80,000 businesses trust 1Password to keep their most important information safe. At 1Password we believe everyone deserves to be safe online. That’s why we’re building modern, accessible apps with privacy and security at their core.

1Password combines industry-leading security with award-winning design to bring private, secure, and user-friendly password management to everyone.

Founded by two friends in 2005, 1Password is now powered by a global team of greater than 400 people. Our relentless focus on user experience, privacy, and security make 1Password the world’s most trusted and loved password manager.


Helping you improve your online security and keep you safe online. Get advice on running a secure, productive workplace delivered directly to your inbox.


11. Password Boss

Password Boss is a complete end-to-end, multi-tenant password management solution for MSPs that securely stores your business’s and clients’ passwords.

The award-winning Password Boss password management solution features include: multi-layered security, role-based access, secure password sharing, remote control tool integration, multi-devices access with mobile synchronization, centralized management portal and dashboard, built-in Dark Web scanning and monitoring and much more. Password Boss is a password management solution that was built by an MSP for MSPs.


Founded in 2014, Password Boss is the brainchild of Steve Wise, a 20 year veteran in the managed service industry, who struggled to find a password management solution that worked and meet the needs to how his managed service provider (MSP) operated.

Steve setout to designed and developed a password management solution that specifically meet the needs and ways that an MSP works, and support their customers.

12. NordPass

Its mission is to develop affordable digital security products with a passion for detail: simpler, nicer, faster and safer. We put an emphasis on cohesive and straightforward user experience.

It employs easy-to-use UX patterns and practices and adapt our apps in accordance to native OS standards that allow our users achieve their goals effortlessly.

It focuses on designing clear, decluttered, and pixel-perfect interfaces to help our users get a handle on the product’s functionality and interact without unnecessary frictions.


Forgotten passwords and their constant resets stand in the way of a smooth online experience. Get past them with Nord Pass. Save unlimited passwords for your favorite accounts and apps. Log in to them effortlessly on any device.

Store more than passwords — jot down secure notes, save credit card details, and add your home address. Always have important information at hand, whether you’re browsing or shopping online.

Your passwords, credit card details, and online notes are as valuable as your physical belongings. Rest assured that they are safe under the protection of Nord Pass security tools.

13. RoboForm 8 Everywhere

Siber Systems is a privately-held company, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. Its flagship products, RoboForm and Good Sync, are used by millions of people worldwide. Its customers range from individual users and small businesses, to government agencies and leading Fortune 500 companies.

RoboForm alleviates the burdens associated with password management by remembering and generating passwords, automatically logging into websites, and even completing long online checkout forms with a single click.

First released and continually updated since 2000, RoboForm is the original password manager. RoboForm Enterprise, our first business version was released in 2009.


Its software helps your company organize logins and passwords, making your password generation, storing, and sharing both easier and more secure. RoboForm for Business eliminates forgotten passwords, loss of productivity caused by it, and costs related to their reset.

With 20 years experience and six million users as well as zero security breaches, RoboForm is the perfect password manager for you and your business.

RoboForm offers premium support for all levels of business users and administrators via phone, online support system, and intuitive support content.


14. LogMeOnce

No more master password with LogMeOnce! Go PasswordLess and access your account using your trusted mobile device. Only LogMeOnce offers a variety of login options with automatic 2FA.

With LogMeOnce, you have extra measures to protect yourself. Automatically monitor the dark web to ensure your credentials are not stolen, plus use our tools to prevent account takeovers.

What happens if your cloud storage gets hacked? With LogMeOnce, your cloud files in Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are encrypted in real time from end-to-end using AES 256-bit Encryption.


Many business owners use random password generators to create unique but easy-to-remember passwords for their users. Cases of identity theft and fraud in the US are on the rise, with 4.8 million incidents reported in 2020.

Cyber attacks can deal massive damage to your business. They affect your business standing and consumer trust. They target various aspects of your system, including logins and other relevant information.

15. RememBear

RememBear is a friendly app that saves and autofills your passwords to save you time and keep you safe online. Save your passwords in a single place and say goodbye to un‑bear‑able password resets.


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  • Save logins, credit cards, and secure notes
  • Autofill passwords and credit cards
  • Store one-time (2FA) codes
  • Password generator
  • Achievements to teach best practices
  • Support for face and fingerprint ID
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS
  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Synced securely across devices
  • End-to-end AES 256-bit encryption
  • Independently audited
  • Bears

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