13 Photos Of Ivanka Trump That Would Leave You Stunned

She may be the advisor to the most prestigious post i.e. the President of the USA but she has always been a head turner.

Ivanka Trump daughter of the President of USA Donald Trump started modeling when she was barely 15 years of age. At that moment she was a member of the celebrity section of the Elite media management.

Even though she got this plush opportunity too soon most people attribute it to the friendly relations between Elite and Donald Trump at that time.

This is coupled by the fact that some intellectuals felt that she did not have the flair and looks that a model of that caliber needs to have.

Whatever it is, the past is over and she has surely moved on to lucrative options. As a remembrance to her flourishing career as a model here is some pics that show us what a stunner she was.


1. Ramp Walking

Swashbuckling Down the Ramp from r/hotactresspics

The photo was taken by Alberto Lo Bianco and here Ivanka is modeling for apparel. Designer for this range of clothing was Enrico Caveri and the pic was taken in the 1990s.


2. Everything Golden

The Golden Girl from r/hotactresspics

This particular photo was taken by photographer Mark Large. Here she can be seen at the Paco Rabanne couture fashion show and was quite a head turner.


3. Pink Is Ruling

The Pink Doll from r/hotactresspics

Taken in 1997 Ivanka can be seen at the Betsey Johnson fashion show. Mark Lennihan has captured her and how beautiful she looks.


4. Ticker Tape Dress

The Jazzy Ticker Tape from r/hotactresspics

Betsy Johnson designed the dress and everyone was impressed. Also known as ticker tape dress it surely grabbed some eyeballs.


5. A London Shoot

Modeling in London from r/hotactresspics

In 2001 she had a modeling performance in London and that’s when this photo was also snapped. Geoff Wilkinson is the photographer and he captured her well.


6. London Shoot 2

Another London Shoot from r/hotactresspics

This one was also clicked by Geoff Wilkinson and again the shoot happened in London.


7. London Shoot 3

Yet Another London Shoot from r/hotactresspics

Continuing this picture was taken in 2001. The photographer of the same remains Geoff Wilkinson and by now he knew how best to click here.


8. With Mom Ivana Trump

Ivanka and Ivana Trump from r/hotactresspics

This picture speaks a thousand words. Mom Ivana Trump is seen here sharing some screen space with her daughter Ivanka. The photo shoot was done by Wilkinson but the relationship was captured well by him.


9. Kilt

Kilt Fashion from r/hotactresspics

Ivanka sure knew which brand to propagate and which to leave. In this 2007 photo, she is endorsing Sandra Murray’s Kilt fashion collection and the pic shows the grace that she has put into the entire dress up.


10. With Other Models

Colorful Models from r/hotactresspics

Of course, there were instances when she was clicked with other models too. This photo was clicked in 1996. The show is for Enrico Coveri’s fashion line and she is accompanied here by models Jillian Hearst and Kimberly Stewart.


11. Elle Magazine

For ELLE Magazine in The 1990s from r/hotactresspics

In 1996 this photo was taken for the prestigious Elle magazine. The photographer was Gilles Bensimon and she sure did know how to make Ivanka rule the look.


12. White Is Right

Winter White from r/hotactresspics

The photo has been picked up from her Instagram account. It is renamed “Winter White” but there is no idea when the picture was taken.


13. At 14

Ivanka at 14 from r/hotactresspics

When all her classmates were figuring out their school grades Ivanka got this photo clicked and she looks super confident in the same. She is 14 in the picture through the way she carries herself says otherwise.

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