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Top 10 Podcast Editing Software For Various Levels Of Podcasters

Many of you might think that this is the best audio editing software. But no there is a difference. There are a number of best audio editing software for podcasts in the blog. You might think that all of them are same.

But no each of them have some unique editing properties and thus they all can be ranked accordingly as which is the best audio editing software for podcasts.

People who chose podcasts are of different background and thus there requirements and expectations for their podcasts might be quite different as well for the best audio editing software.

Most best audio editing software work best on both mac OS and windows but there are some which work only on Apple and the major reason is because they came up with the best audio editing software for the podcasts for the very first time.


Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Best Audio Editing Software For Podcasts Of All Times :

  1. GarageBand : This is a free digital audio workstation and one of the best audio editing software for podcasts and particularly usable when you have MAC. This is a perfect choice for people who are using such podcasters for the very first time and even for the experienced ones as well. here you can easily create separate track for music, ad spots and much more.
  2. Logic Pro : This is a full on version of a music featured as well as audio editing programs and one of the best audio editing software. This one is easier to upgrade and comes with an integrated updation tool as well. This one can also easily be linked with both iPhone or iPads.
  3. Alitu : One of the easiest audio editing software for podcasts in the market. This is perfect for beginners and will help you to create the episodes within some seconds. Here you can feed in your raw audio and the voice levelling and cleaning will be don easily.
  4. Audacity : if you want to go for the free one, then this is your option. This is an open source audio recording and editing programs which is better known as DAWs and one of the best audio editing software for podcasts. It also has a number of inbuilt features which makes it one of the most appealing. It might be confusing at the start but after a while you will get complete hold of the same.
  5. Hindenburg Journalist : This is a DAW which is designed for podcasters and radio journalists. This is one of the most affordable audio editing software. This is a bit cleaner and less intimidating when compared to others. Here you will come through with an automated level, loudness, EQ and a unique clipboard feature.
  6. Adobe Audition : This is one of the best options for people who are looking for greater flexibility and full control over the projects and thus featured into the list of best audio editing software. Here you need to have full mastery over audio editing and production.
  7. Others : There are a number of and best audio editing software and thus you need to hunt out the best one for you. you can even try several combinations to get through the best audio editing software for podcasts. For instance, Mackie and Behringer mixers come with tracktion, Presonus audio interfaces which comes with StudioOne 3 artist. Steinberg interface comes with Cubase AI & LE and there are similar many other combos too.
  8. Buzzsprout : after recording and editing of the podcast episode, you need to place it somewhere so that it can be featured as the official podcast as well. This is quite easy to use and can save great deal of money and time both.
  9. Ecamm call recorder for Skype :If you are looking to record your skype calls, then you must have some add ons to your system. You can choose any add ons as per your convenience as per your operating system. Ecamm call recorder is one of the best options for MAC whereas you can also have pamela which is highly recommended for windows.
  10. Auphonic : This is a magic piece of software which can easily do a ton of job. Here you will level your audio and bring it to the correct volume for podcasting and also add ID3 tags, and later export it to YouTube.
  11. Music Radio Creative : This is an amazing website which is known to create jingles, intros, outros, and much more. Here you can easily preview different voices and thus come up with extreme high quality voice overs.
  12. Scribie : one of the most important podcasting workflow is to get transcriptions. This is one of the fastest and one of the fastest version is in English. Here everything can be easily accompanied from their web based dashboard.
  13. Ringr : This is a paid option where you can easily upgrade from the lower quality skype calls. Both ends of the transaction can be recorded locally and thus quite feasible.

Summary : Best Audio Editing Software For Podcasts


As all of the best audio editing software have different features, thus it is really difficult to pick up any one of the best audio editing software.

But still on the general level, following recommendations are suggested :

  1. If you are the one who wants to save some time and don’t want to learn about audio editing and DAWs then you should go for Alitu.
  2. If you want to save some money and want to invest some time in learning, then go for audacity.
  3. If you can spend both time and money and also want to learn streamlined DAW then Hindenburg journalist is for you.
  4. And if you are looking for long term flexibility and if there is no limit for quest on audio production then Adobe audition should be your pick.

So, choose the one which is best for you and then make your pick.

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