Police Warns Users Of Craigslist

Police Warns Users Of Craigslist Post The Murder Of Ga Couple

People regularly keep posting advertisements on the craigslist website in order to land up with a profitable deal.

Millions of people do this every day and no wonder they also get a very good deal as well. But the security concerns couldn’t be ignored clearly.

There are some of the major security concerns and many couples have also to pay with their lives for the same.

police warn

Recently Chattanooga Craigslist found out a GA couple had to pay by their life owing to the threats posed by the miscreants of the Craigslist website.

Authorities clearly said that if you are doing it at such websites like Craigslist then at least a friend or any relative close to the couple should be informed about the exact location.

Recently a Georgia couple was killed when they were trying to finalize a deal as pointed out by Craigslist Chattanooga.

Police authorities further added that before meeting the buyer you must research about the meeting place and the person too.

Sgt. Shelton clearly said that everything these days can be found on the internet and thus the same should be utilized fully.

Chattanooga Craigslist clearly said that the address can be checked through the yellow pages and after verifying the authenticity then only they should visit and meet the person.

Craigslist Chattanooga further added that if the meeting place is beyond the town premises, then that already raises a suspicion and thus need to be verified much more.

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Even any kind of local headlines associated with the person or the place is definitely not a good sign. There have been a number of such unhealthy instances.

police warn

Recently in the month of September, a Hixson women posted ad on Craigslist where she was offering clothes of her 3 months old baby completely free.

And now the lady is labelled as the murderer of Natalia Roberts because she was claiming her 3 month old baby as her own. God knows what the truth is.

In the month of October, one of the babysitter who works by the name of East Ridge offered her services on Craigslist and a mother responded to the same and hired her.

Within few days, she was accused of child abuse and was charged with the crime of shaking and breaking bones of two children for whom she was hired.

So, the police advises that if your gut feelings tell not to walk that road or not to hire that person, then don’t do it.

When the Runion couple went missing, then the daughter Virginia Owens had a conversation with Chattanooga Craigslist who said that their parents went missing and that’s when the case was registered.

The daughter was in fond of her father and really appreciated the relationship she shared with him. She was totally in awe of her father.

Craigslist Chattanooga are still trying to find out if robbery was the motive of murder or not. They are still unable to know if the couple carried some cash or not.

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