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5 Popular Alternatives To Facebook Ads In 2018

Are Facebook’s golden days as the most popular advertising network over ?

Since Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced major changes to the platform in January 2018, reports have shown a 24% decline in time spent by users.

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Combined with fierce competition amongst advertisers, this will make it even more expensive to advertise on Facebook.

Which is why people are now exploring other ad networks to hedge their risk against this trend.

Here are popular 5 alternatives to Facebook for advertisers:

1. Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Google Display Network, was recently touted by media buying expert, Justin Brooke, as the best, most under-exploited ad network.

It allows companies to advertise on more than 2 million websites and reach 90% of internet users.

Websites your ad can appear on include large publications like Time, Fast Company, NBC, The New Yotk Times and more.

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2. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional social networking platform, with over 500 million users.

High-level decision makers like CEOs, business owners, partners and managers – spend a lot of time on the platform networking and staying up to date with industry news.

LinkedIn’s advertising platform is still developing, but allows you to target people based on criteria including job title and company. This allows you to target your ad with a high degree of precision


3. Taboola

Taboola Ads

Taboola is a native advertising network, with a reach of over one billion people.

You can get your ads to appear on premium sites like NBC News, Aol, Bloomberg and more.

4. Instagram


Instagram is owned by Facebook. However, since it is still a relatively new advertising platform, it is not as heavily saturated as it’s bigger brother.

Instagram has over 800 million users and this figure is growing rapidly.

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5. YouTube


Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Since the vast majority of advertisers are not or do not know how to use video, this makes YouTube a great opportunity for savvy advertisers.



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Facebook’s days as the ‘hottest’ advertising platform seem to be numbered. Rising click costs and decreased reach are trends that look set to continue.

However, with many effective alternatives for advertisers, this represents a big opportunity for those who are able to adapt.

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