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Top 6 Preparation Tips For Microsoft Exam 70-761

If you are a database administrator, a system engineer, or a developer and you want to take a step higher on your career ladder by obtaining the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development credential, then you have to clear Microsoft 70-761.

It is one of the major certification exams offered by Microsoft. It is intended for those specialists who have been actively operating in the field for a minimum of two years and want to validate their proficiency in writing queries and using Transact-SQL to manage data.

Microsoft Practice Test Questions is not an easy test to take. Passing it demands thorough preparation. That is why the focus of this article is to guide you on how to get prepared for this exam in the most effective way.

Top 6 Preparation Tips For Microsoft 70-761 Exam

There are specific hints that are designed to help the candidates prepare and pass Microsoft 70-761. They are very simple but extremely effective if taken seriously. Let’s explore all these tips that you will surely find useful.

1. Schedule Your Study Time

The most important thing to do in order to get the most out of your preparation is to plan when you will be conducting your studies. This is actually the basic tip to prepare effectively for any certification exam.

Find the time to develop a study timetable. It is worth noting that it is the foundation of succeeding in your forthcoming Microsoft test.

You probably have a very tight schedule, juggling family responsibilities and work-related duties, so be ready for the exam is not so easy in this case.

So if you fail to develop a plan accordingly to all your activities, chances that you do a disservice to your studies may increase. The vast majority of people who have passed Microsoft 70-761 have used at least half an hour during lunch break to study.

For those individuals who are not able to carve out some time out of their busy schedules, you should try getting up at least two hours or an hour earlier every morning.

2. Determine The Required Study Resources

You need to be aware of exactly what you should and are going to study. Otherwise, studying for the Microsoft 70-761 test could be futile. So, the first step to take before you even begin studying should be determining and putting together all the study materials you need.

One of the places where you can get verified preparation tools is PrepAway. You should also have a personal computer with installed relevant software like SQL.

Besides relying on this platform, of course, we also recommend that you to visit the Microsoft site. The company offers a lot of study materials for you to use, including guides, video tutorials with the certified professionals, different free online courses, and more.

3. Take Practice Tests

Taking practice tests should form a major part of your preparation strategy. Even if you cover all the exam topics very extensively, you might not be able to write good answers if you don’t know how to frame them.

You only get to know this by practicing with mock tests.This kind of activity also helps you to know the structure of Microsoft 70-761 and the kind of questions to expect.

You can get real practice questions on PrepAway. They are usually forwarded by the real test takers.

4. Enroll For A Training Course

While most people can always study on their own, there are some individuals who are not comfortable doing self-study. If you are this kind of person, you can enroll for a course and take an instructor-led training.

There are various sites offering these courses online for a fee. There are so many candidates who have passed their Microsoft exam by using these training courses. Your tutor will send you video tutorials and polished notes as well.

5. Cooperate With Your Friends

Of course, there are times you need to study alone. However, you also need to collaborate with other people. This strategy is known to help the students hit major milestones.

You can become a part of study groups and online forums so you can join hands with others and work as a team towards achieving your preparation goals.

Joining a community with the like-minded individuals working towards passing Microsoft 70-761 will give you the opportunity to share experiences and questions that are related to this certification test.

Discussing with other examiners can also help you take a constructive break from your personal studies.

6. Turn Off Your Phone

If there is one notorious thing that has turned out to be the biggest time-waster nowadays, then it must be a Smartphone. The temptation to check it from time to time will always be there.

Getting your mobile phone out of your pocket or handbag, looking at it, and then returning it back to where it was without necessarily doing anything on it – this happens all the time and it is simply the human mind.

Any time your phone is on, you will always tend to think that you have a new message or call and you will be tempted to look at it regularly.

This is not the kind of distraction you need when studying, especially when you know that you have little time to spare. You should dedicate your study time solely to accomplishing all the exam topics.

To avoid getting lost in Facebook and WhatsApp chats, just switch of your Smartphone.


All these tips are proven to be one of the best for those who don’t know where to start and how to keep themselves on their toes.

If you don’t have an idea where to start with your preparation, you are advised to visit the PrepAway platform.

Here you will find appropriate and adequate study materials. With the given guidelines, you should not find it difficult to prepare for the Microsoft 70-761 exam.

Pass this test and certify your skills to distinguish yourself from your peers and unlock more career opportunities.

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