5 Primary Destination For Tourists In London

Much of England tourism is focused towards the tourist hotspots of London. So if you have decided to spend you summer vacations in England it is for sure that much of your tour planning would be concentrated towards London.

London being the historical, cultural and financial center stage of England for centuries is the primary place of tourist attraction form all over the world.

Primary Destination for Tourists in England

Some of the must visit place in London includes:

  • Buckingham Palace the home of British Monarchy is the must visit place for every tourists visiting London. The changing of royal Guard ceremonies that happens in the forecourt of the palace is a special attraction to the visitors.
  • The tower of London is another must-see place of London. Even if you have no interest in history lessons, then also the tower of London with its long history associated with British monarchies and the myths associated with it is sure to entice you.
  • The Parliament House with its most famous clock the Big Ben is the most recognized buildings and the icon of London. The delightful architecture and the beguiling landscape of banks of the river Thames would surely be the most enjoyable experiences.
  • If you are passionate about English art and literature then the Tate Britain has to be on your list of must visit places in London. It is an art museum that has extensive collection of British art and literature from the sixteenth century to the present days.
  • The Cabinet War Rooms- the place from where the strategies for World War 2 were planned like the invasion of Normandy, or that of the invasion of North Africa is a must visit place for any history enthusiast.

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This is not all. There are lots of other places like the Wembley Stadium, the Eye of London etc for you to visit.

If you want to have a tour of London on Budget then you can consider staying at rented London apartments that provides almost the same amenities that can be expected from hotels and that too at modest prices.

Also the excellent accommodation facilities of London and its extensive transportation facilities help in making London the primary destination of England Tourism.

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