Pristima Features, Usage, Benefits And Best Alternatives

Pristima: Features, Usage, Benefits And Best Alternatives

Pristima comes from the Xybion stable. It is a cloud-based clinical trial management solution and helps health care businesses to capture and record any preclinical data.

This platform is centralized and allows the administrators to register the lab equipment’s through barcoding capabilities. Plus, it provides scheduling of annual parts replacements and gives access to only specific users, so there are no unauthorized data breaches.

Benefits Of Pristima

Pristima lets the businesses prepare strategies for the sample collection, maintain compliance across all processes and generate the summary reports using user-specific decision trees. The lab technicians could use various study management tools like dose administration and custom measurement to do clinical research on the animal subjects and the equipment.

It also allows pathologists to monitor the task status and also configure the navigation modes for data collection. This they can do by seeing the study lists in menu or spreadsheet formats.

Pristima also helps enterprises to classify their records basis the category, animal, date, subgroup, study, or dose. They can also get study reports through emails. Later they can export the data tables in formats like HTML, pdf, etc. Users could also conduct impact assessments and manage the inventory, thus optimizing asset use.

Pristima Alternatives

Team Desk

TeamDesk is a web-based database that aims at simplifying the working with data. It helps in organizing and storing the information that you used in the routine work, thus creating an easy-to-access data source for the team.

The system is entirely customizable, and you could manage data just as you want to. Plus, you can modify the application each time you want to mention every detail that is crucial for your business.

The Team Desk interface comprises two separate parts. The Application’s interface is easily accessible for the users. It is built as per the application settings and the user’s role.

The setup part is available for specific administrators, and it works as a center for all the customization operations.

You may begin from a preconfigured application that is listed in the TeamDesk library, or you may even make your own application with their help.

TeamDesk has unlimited records, storage facility, support, stable rates and offers a free trial.


Tableau allows people and organizations to become data-driven. It provides breadth and depth of features that can serve the needs of the largest of companies through an integrated experience. Tableau is designed that it fits but does not dictate the data strategy.

It helps the business to adapt to the environment with unmatched flexibility, all the while ensuring that the governance and security requirements are met.

People enjoy working on Tableau as it is powerful as well as intuitive. Plus, it gives a different user experience by empowering people at all skill levels. This helps them in exploring and analyzing the data through visuals and natural language.

Thus Tableau has become a language of analytics for all modern business users, and it continues to be the industry leader, having a highly engaged user base in analytics. Its customer base comprises millions of users from more than 80,000 organizations and a commitment to innovation.


Domo is a cloud-based business management suite. It integrates with various data sources like databases, spreadsheets, social media, and any existing cloud or on-premise software.

It is perfect for companies of any size starting from small businesses to large companies. Plus, it is compatible with iPad tablets, Windows or Mac platforms, and even mobiles.

Domo gives the users both micro and macro-level visibility and analytics. This includes cash balances and top-selling product lines to the forecasted revenue for every region. You can also see the marketing return on investment for every channel and real-time dashboards showcasing data of different business areas and performance indicators.

Domo also has interactive visualization tools and gets instant access to company data through a centralized dashboard. The users could filter, combine and personalize the data into different dashboards as required.


Workato is a popular and award-winning cloud automation and integration platform. It has enterprise-grade capabilities and has won the trust of more than 21,000 businesses.

This platform integrates with nearly 1000 business applications and allows workflow automation in all the apps.
You can now build customized integrations that match your business requirements. There is no coding knowledge required for the same.

Workato was named as the leader in integration in the Forrester Report. It was also named the cool integration vendor by Gartner and received the #1 ranking in low cost and value for the integration platform.

LabCollector LIMS

LabCollector Hosted is another lab information management tool. It can also be considered as an electronic lab notebook or ELN that is built around independent modules which interact together and thus manage to store of everyday use library information.

This software is used in labs by academics, pharma groups, and research and development teams. Using the software, the scientists could quickly access and modify the data through the cloud.

The LabCollector’s management modules allow the users to perform any stock and information management tasks regularly. This storage system allows stocks localization that is later managed through box cell grids and easily defined by a point and clicks. These LabCollector’s customization can adapt to any particular data scheme.


The AirTable is a smart organization and collaboration tool which gives the teams one single platform from where they can manage the customers, projects, and ideas. It is a flexible, mobile-friendly system that comes with a native smartphone and desktop apps. Airtable allows the users to share and organize anything with anyone.

The software is designed to be fast and flexible like a spreadsheet and has the power of a database. Airtable gives its users a powerful, user-friendly collaboration software.

Apart from its straightforward spreadsheet features, Airtable can fit into rich text fields customized forms and can display content links and its integrations. Airtable supports its integration with apps like Dropbox, Slack, and GitHub, thus letting the users manage the movement of the content between different apps efficiently.


Rubrik is another cloud data management solution. It helps the users manage and automate data backup, offsite replication, archiving, and data recovery through one platform.

You can use Rubrik to manage the data backup and recovery for any cloud application. It comes with multiple RESTful APIs that help orchestrate backup, archiving, replication, disaster recovery, etc.

Consistent backups are available for apps like SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Oracle RDBMS, etc.

Their predictive search helps the users to find out files, databases, applications, and virtual machines to give near-zero RTO’s. The customized visual reports could be created and shared, helping the users get an idea about compliance, operational efficiency, and capacity utilization. You can get reports to be delivered by email.


EasyMorph is a self-service, data preparation, and transformation tool. It helps the non-technical business users to increase the data analysis productivity. It helps access, merges, and manipulates the data from various sources.

This software is helpful for the business users in sales, marketing, financial and operational analysis, thus helping them modify the raw data into actionable analysis quickly and in higher quality. You can also automate repetitive data-related tasks to make them more efficient.

EasyMorph has nearly 100 built-in transformations, and it stores all the calculation results, thus allowing the users to click on any transformation step and see the results.

Users could also load the data from various files and spreadsheets, databases and change it by using multiple operations like filter or join and even export the results to files and databases.

This automatic documentation feature helps the users in recording the data manipulations and calculations to make a change, identify problems and keep track of work history easily.


ShareArchiver is another document management software that helps businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, finance, and many other sectors in archiving, categorizing, and restoring of files. The administrators can analyze all the data patterns and define and implement the policies that help in archiving the files in a unified interface.

This platform is compliant with HIPAA and GDPR and comes with a full-text search feature, thus allowing the managers to apply any filters and find out the specific data across all servers.

The software also helps the teams to protect their files in sync with the 256-bit encryption standards and protect their data from hackers and ransomware attacks. The supervisors could also organize the unstructured data and manage the file servers in one particular central location.


Rulex is one of the top technology companies specializing in creating no-code software for machine learning, data preparation, and optimization.

Rulex also guides the people and companies to make the correct decisions by matching the data-driven knowledge along with human expertise.

Anyone could use this platform from their laptop without even writing one line of code. This application helps the clients from to improve the operational and decision-making processes to use data-driven insights.

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