Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice Social Media Campaign

Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice Social Media Campaign

The Old Spice amazingly well-run campaign managed to engage half of the Internet, and provoke almost unequivocally positive results from social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter. Even the comments on YouTube were overwhelmingly positive. The Old Spice Twitter account accumulated tens of thousands of new followers and the YouTube videos amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

WITS Zen curates and pulled together a series of articles, write-ups, and videos on Old Spice social media initiatives, making it truly one of the insightful social media case studies

Old Spice: The Archetype of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Although Wieden + Kennedy had a very different aim than the homicidal “John Doe” character from David Fincher’s thriller Seven, this is probably what the advertising agency behind Old Spice’s latest marketing campaign must be thinking right now…more

Old Spice Campaign Generated 35 Million Video Views in Seven Days

Last week, men’s hygiene brand Old Spice unleashed a barrage of over 180 videos through its YouTube channel, during which the brand’s mascot The Old Spice guy answered questions from users submitted through various social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube itself…more

Old Spice viral campaign a hit

Following on from the success of February’s more traditional television advertising campaigns, the face of Old Spice – actor Isaiah Mustafa – is back with a more personalised digital campaign…more

The Viral Genius of Wieden+Kennedy’s New Old Spice Campaign

Am I the only one who’s been bored by many of the ads that have recently attempted to go viral? Two weeks after the Super Bowl, not a single one of the campaigns launched at that time remains memorable, and the real innovators are mostly focusing on alternative social media ideas…more

Lessons Learned From The Old Spice Campaign & Its Imitators

Charles Caleb Colton once said, “Imitation is the sincerest (form) of flattery.” Obviously, Mr. Colton was not talking about the success of the Old Spice campaign (seeing as how he lived during the 1700s), but we’re sure he would have reiterated that sentiment were he to see how many spinoffs the aforementioned marketing miracle has inspired…more

Cisco Fails With Old Spice Copycat Campaign

Yesterday Cisco paid homage to Old Spice’s recent response campaign with their own YouTube response project, featuring ‘Ted From Accounting.’ Just like Old Spice, Cisco announced the campaign in the morning, asked people to send in tweets, and posted a number of personalized videos throughout the day…more

New Oldspice Campaign: Social Media or Social CRM?

Over the past few weeks you may have seen that the Oldspice man has been responding to comments on youtube, facebook, and twitter by creating individual personalized messages for people essentially creating a type of collaborative relationship between the brand and the customer, but is the Oldspice campaign a social media campaign or a social CRM campaign?…more

Now look here, now learn from this …

Last week we saw two days that shook the viral marketing world. Old Spice, a long-neglected — if not forgotten — Procter & Gamble brand unleashed a social media blitz that may have changed the rules of social network marketing. …more

The Hugely Successful ‘Old Spice Guy’ Campaign, Now in Infographic Form

Isaiah Mustafa – aka The Old Spice Guy – wasn’t just a cute guy in a commercial. His series of spots for Old Spice made him a celebrity and made a huge impact on the brand’s media presence. Here it is explained in handy infographic form…more

The Old Spice Social Media Campaign by the Numbers

The last couple of days have been an Old Spice explosion, as one of the most popular viral campaigns in recent history — in which the Old Spice Guy made personalized videos for fans, randoms and prominent bloggers alike…more

How Old Spice Man Campaign from Procter & Gamble Redefined Social Media Marketing

What is the similarity between Dell, Coke, P&G, Nestle and of course, BP? No, they all are world renowned corporate giants and operate as segment leaders in their respective categories. What else? Did you say, Social Media? Bang on! Yes, the fortunes of these companies have been greatly affected with their social media marketing strategies…more

Procter & Gamble’s popular Old Spice campaign kicks off new ad

CINCINNATI — Last year’s advertising sensation will soon make its 2011 debut, as Old Spice’s suave, shirtless star returns in round three of his commercials for the Procter & Gamble Co. brand…more

Old Spice smells like social media success

Procter & Gamble, the company behind the Old Spice line of men’s deodorants, aftershaves and other toiletries, took a brand that of late has made people think of their uncle or that old guy down the street and not only made it cool again, but made it one of the most talked-about names on the Internet this week…more

Social Media Lessons from the Old Spice Man Campaign

The Old Spice Man has taken social media by storm. Utilizing all of the Web 2.0 tools at his towel-clad disposal, the Old Spice Man we first met riding a horse backward while shirtless during the Super Bowl interacted with, and responded directly to customers…more

Old Spice Man social campaign smells like a winner – Procter & Gamble’s sales rise

Former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa has made the Old Spice Man a household name, but how many households now own Old Spice products is the question on marketers’ minds. It seems the social marketing campaign surrounding “the man your man could smell like” is a viable MVP for Procter & Gamble as the company is seeing major revenue lifts this year…more

Wieden+Kennedy’s Old Spice case study

Wieden+Kennedy have released a nice video case study of their recent Old Spice social media campaign, calling it…more

The Old Spice Campaign was Brilliant, But It Might Not Work For Your Brand

Now that the Old Spice campaign’s soap has had time to lather, the results are in. Nielsen reports that the scent has attracted both viewers and sales. Old Spice Bodywash sales are up 55 percent in the past 3 months and sales doubled in the month of July, making Old Spice the #1 body wash for men…more

Social media buzz. Advantage: Old Spice

The Cannes Film Grand Prix-winning Old Spice campaign has evolved over the last 24 hours to dominate discussion in social media, in what is sure to become the ‘case study du jour’ for the foreseeable future…more


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