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Top 10 Websites Similar To Project Free TV

Project Free TV was the destination for most viewers looking for access to some free TV online. However, it was abruptly closed down in 2017 leading to the viewer’s disappointment.

There are other websites trying to cover up but they also face the danger of being closed down.

This is indirectly affecting the viewers who have to miss out on pursuing their habit of watching stuff online. However, the situation may not be as grim as it seems to you.

To help you out we are going to tell you the top 12 websites that would give you the same kind of content.

1. YouTube

You Tube - Project Free TV

Having all kinds of video content, YouTube is the closest alternative to Project Free TV. It is continuously updated with new kinds of content and the world over people contribute stuff to it. You can access it on any kind of platform i.e. desktop, android, and iOS.

Each time something new happens in your favorite channel you are given an update thus helping you decide when something good has been uploaded. Not to forget that it is rather simple to use and free content is also available.

Most people spend considerable time here following their favorite stars and singers and it is one of the best places to promote your talent.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV - Project Free TV

Another name that needs to be included here is that of Tubitv. Here you can change the content as per the device you are accessing it on. It gives a lot of types of content and does not just focus on any one region.

Free to use it is extremely simple to look for what you need. Tubi tv is also available on various platforms and keeps informing you about the newest content being added.

3. Fox

fox - Project Free TV

You can also consider Fox as a Free project TV alternative especially since it gives both movies and TV shows for you to choose from.

The catch, however, is that it has only American content and if you are not open to this limit then you can enjoy some really good shows.

In fact, you can share the content on your social media accounts too which is very interesting.

Every single minute the content keeps getting updated and you would eventually find something new for you to enjoy. This makes the website extremely popular among those who love to watch online content.

4. TV Player

TVPlayer - Project Free TV

TV player is considered to be an extremely popular media streaming website in the UK. It is accessible on both desktop as well as mobile thus making it very useful. In the free version itself, you get access to nearly 95 channels at a go.

When you go to the website you get HD-quality links from where you can see your content. The enormous range of content makes it a fruitful experience for you to use this website.

5. K Show 123

k show 123 - Project Free TV (2)

Korean TV shows are quite interesting and engaging and the website Kshow123 caters to only streaming such shows. All the content keeps getting updated daily and you are informed of any such changes made.

The quality of the content is also High and so you would enjoy every moment of being there on the website. Keep coming back here if the Korean shows content is something that you love to see and follow regularly.

6. Daily Motion

Daily Motion

Dailymotion is as it is very popular and you can even share videos that have been made by you.

It gives you the library feature which lets you keep your watch later videos, liked videos, and recently seen video clips. You can also look for a certain type of video if you know the tags and channels you wish to pursue.

Along with you also can see third-party content and videos of other users and partners which increases the variety of stuff you can watch.

7. Vimeo

vemio - Project Free TV


Vimeo is a video streaming platform that gives you the opportunity to upload and share videos. This apart there are no ads on the website which is a very crucial feature here. You can add your favorite videos and put them in watch later if required.

If need be you can even enhance the quality of the videos you have uploaded. Plus you have a video school where all the tutorial videos and uploaded and a music store from where you can select music to add to the video.

8. Share TV

Share Tv - Project Free TV

ShareTV is quite similar to the way in which Project free TV used to operate. You get real-time updates to all the TV shows that have recently uploaded new episodes. This means that no more waiting for new content to come your way.

The content that is available is mostly coming from western countries so that limits the kind of videos that you get to see. If this is not a problem for you then this website is best for online viewing. You can even bookmark the website to let you know all the updates that are happening.

9. Stream2Watch

stream2watch - Project Free TV

This is a website where most of the content that is uploaded is related to sports. A large variety of sports-related programs are found here for watching.

These have cricket, tennis, golf, and other sports that are competitive in nature. Just go to their website and select the category you wish to see and have fun seeing the range they offer.

If you want you can watch real-time content too which is good when there is a match series going on. When you know something major in sports is happening just turn to this website and you are sorted.

10. Sport Stream

sport stream - Project Free TV


Sportstreams should be your choice if you are looking to see some live sports stuff. Go through the website as it shows all kinds of live games happening all over the world.

Different kinds of games like tennis, basketball, cricket, football, and volleyball can be tracked through the website.

The site is available free for use everywhere so no restrictions with regards to the region. For serious sports fans, this is the best platform and needs to be pursued diligently.

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