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5 Ways To Promote A Mobile App

There are millions of apps on Google Play and App Store, which cover a huge variety of topics and services. That is why it is not enough to simply create an idea and write an app for it. You need to make a loud and clear statement, promoting your product and letting the audience know who you are.

Without promotion, your app is doomed to fail and months you have spent on it will simply be pointless. Do you want to know what the main ways to promote your app are? Then go on reading to learn more!

If you already have an app and are sure that your idea is what the market lacks, go ahead and start your way! However, make sure you follow our tips and promote your app in the best possible way.

Optimization for the requirements of the market

Every store, whether it is Play Market or App Store, has its own requirements, when it comes to promotion. Knowing all the rules will help you to stand out from the crowd and increase your rates. For example, App Store optimization (ASO) is based on such pillars, as:

  • Unique, original and clear name of the app;
  • Keywords, which render the main ideas. Try to avoid wordiness;
  • Striking description. It should contain all the main features of your application and latest updates;
  • Videos and screenshots. You should definitely attach them to the main page!
  • Positive ratings of your app.


1. Advertising posts


You should use every opportunity to promote your app, including internet pages, blogs and thematic websites. However, it is very important to hire someone with strong writing skills and a clear understanding of the niche.

However, try not to use indirect advertising, as statistic shows that most of the users find direct ads more than annoying.


2. Social networks speak volumes

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Social Media Marketing is a powerful promotion tool to introduce your product to online users. Once you have a landing page or blog, you can link them to social accounts and share all information that may attract target audience. Although professional SMM requires knowledge and experience, you can still handle easy Ad campaigns as well as create fan pages and profiles.

For example, Facebook has a paid option to drive target traffic. Ad Manager is an intuitive platform where you can try various types and formats for your future ad campaigns. Users can take the advantage of detailed analytics and data to define the most powerful sources and ad concepts.


3. Website


For most of the industries, having a personal website adds value, as it allows getting more information on the services, prices and goods you offer. Hire professional writers and editors to work on the content, as they will be able to highlight your strong sides and hide the weak ones.

You should also pay attention to design, as a user-friendly and stylish website can become your strongest point and help your app to succeed!


4. Celebrities and influencers

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You have probably noticed what a huge amount of followers’ celebrities have, so you shouldn’t neglect such an opportunity. Of course, you will not be able to ask Beyoncé or Eminem to promote your good but you can reach local celebrities, who represent your niche.

The biggest advice, which we at can give is that you need to pick an influencer with a corresponding target audience. If not, you will simply waste time and money.

5. Traditional ads

Useful Apps

Depending on the services and goods you are planning to promote, you shouldn’t neglect traditional advertising. Especially if you have a physical location and need to attract customers from nearby. For example, one of the local fast-food spots offered a free hot-dog for downloading and installing their app. Should we say how successful such promotion was?

You can also print out ads or make TV and radio commercials to increase the target audience.

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