How To Protect Your Lone Employees

How To Protect Your Lone Employees

When you want to protect your lone employees, you need to use as many diverse items as possible. You can use a personal alarm, an automation system to monitor movement in the building or around the facility, or you can use apps.

Plus, you can use security cameras, lights, motion sensors, and additional security check-ins. Each step listed below helps you protect people who work by themselves at any time of the day.


1. Use A Security Alarm

Security Alarm

The Blackline Safety lone worker alarm is a good way to keep your employees safe. It is difficult for them to alert someone when they encounter an emergency.

However, an alarm like this can make a loud noise, send alerts to people that are designated, and even call the local authorities. This is a good way to prevent your employees from feeling helpless, and it is a small investment.


2. Cameras

You should use security cameras that allow your lone employees to see who is at the door or the gate. When you want to protect your employees, they should never need to open a door, open a gate, or face someone they do not know.

Your employees can stay where they are, watch the cameras, and deny access to anyone that they want. This is especially important because you can provide your employees with lights and motion sensors that will signal your employees.


3. Desk Alarms


If your lone employee sits at a desk, they should have a desk alarm that is connected to the building’s phone and Internet line.

This alarm will contact the local authorities, and these employees can press this alarm button without alerting anyone. This is very important if the lone employee is already inside a building with someone who makes them feel unsafe.


4. Emergency Keypad Codes

You need emergency keypad codes that allow your employees to sound an alarm when they are already in danger. When you input the emergency code, the alarm will turn off, doors will open, and a silent alarm will be tripped. The local authorities are contacted via your security system, and it is easy to teach your employers this code.


5. Apps

You can use an emergency alarm app that creates a loud noise, shines a light, or sends a silent alarm to the local authorities. You could pay for an app for all your employees. You can use the apps to protect your staff, and they can put them on all their mobile devices.

Additionally, you can ask each employee to fill out a long list of people who will be alerted. This makes your employees feel safer, and they will get a guaranteed response from the app.


6. Try To Overlap Employee Hours

Try To Overlap Employee Hours

You need to overlap employee hours as much as you can. Yes, you will have employees alone in an office or building in the middle of the day or night.

However, you should try to overlap the hours as much as possible. Your employees feel safer when someone is in the building with them, and they will have that peace of mind for an hour or two before the other person leaves.



When you want to keep your lone employees safe, you must consider how to keep them safe. There are several options at your disposal, and you can use as many of them as you want. Moreover, you can add more people to the schedule so that your employees are not alone for a whole shift.

You can use mobile apps, cameras, personal alarms, and distance from the door to make everyone feel safe when coming to work.

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