questions to ask your boyfriend

80 Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Tonight That Will Immediately Bring You Two Closer

1. Have You Ever Lived With A Partner?


2. What Is Your Dream Job?


3. How Important Is Religion Or Spirituality To You?


4. Have You Ever Struggled With Addiction?


5. What Is Your Happiest Childhood Memory?


6. What Sound Do You Love?


7. Have You Ever Been Attracted To A Man?


8. When Was The Time You Laughed The Hardest?


9. What Is Your Favorite Part About Being An Adult?


10. Who Was Your Role Model Growing Up?


11. What Is The Weirdest Thing That Turns You On?


12. What Is Your Favorite Time Of Year?


13. What Do You Want To Do When You Retire?


14. What Do You Like Most About Yourself?


15. What Is Your Favorite Holiday?


16. Do We Spend Enough Time Together?


17. What Is Your Theme Song?


18. Do I Show Up In Your Dreams Or Fantasies?


19. What Is Your Favorite Love Song?


20. What Is Your Hidden Talent?

21. Where Is The Craziest Place You Have Danced?


22. What Is The Biggest Sign Of Weakness In A Person?


23. What Do People Really Need To Chill Out About?


24. What Makes You Nervous?


25. How Often Do You Feel Utterly Worn Down

26. How Do You Feel About Pets And Animals?


27. Why Do You Think We Dream?


28. Do Fish Have Necks?


29. What Would You Do First If You Gained The Ability To Fly?


30. What Do You Love Least About The Activity You Love Most?

31. What Do You Fear About The Future?


32. What Makes You Feel Alive?


33. What Odd Thing Are You Fascinated By?


34. How Adventurous Are You?


35. What Were The Turning Points Of Your Life?

36. When Are You The Most Yourself?


37. What Mundane Task Have You Mastered?


38. What Chore Do You Dread Most?


39. What’s The Quickest Way To Make You Angry?


40. What Makes You Different From Most People?

41. Who Is Your Favorite Family Member?


42. Who Is Your Favorite Cartoon Character Ever?


43. Do You Like It When I Touch Your Face?


44. Was It Love At First Sight With Us?


45. Would You Ever Write A Song For Me?

46. Do You Think Someone Can Be Too Much In Love?


47. Would You Hold My Hand In Public?


48. What’s The Most Romantic Movie You’ve Ever Seen?


49. Who Is One Person You Wish You Could Be?


50. What’s The Weirdest Celebrity Crush You’ve Ever Had?

51. What’s One Thing You Feel Our Relationship Is Lacking?


52. What Do You Want To Get Out Of Life?


53. Is Love Something That Scares You?


54. Where Is Your Favorite Place To Be With Me?


55. What’s Your Best Memory From Growing Up?

56. What Was Your First Impression Of Me?


57. What Is One Thing On Your Bucket List?


58. What Part Of My Body Do You Like The Most?


59. Do You Feel Warm When We Hug?


60. What’s The Grossest Thing You’ve Drunk?

61. What Did You Think When You First Met Me?


62. What Does Love Mean To You?


63. What’s Your Biggest Weakness In This Relationship?


64. What’s Your Favorite Way To Receive Affection?


65. What’s One Thing I Do That Makes You Feel Good, That You Wish I Did More?

66. What About Us Both Is Exactly The Same Since We First Started Dating?


67. What’s One Secret You’ve Wanted To Tell Me, But Haven’t?


68. What’s Your Favorite Non-physical Quality About Me?


69. Do You Think You’ve Been Vulnerable In Our Relationship?


70. Where Is Your Favorite Place To Be With Me?

71. If I Said You Could Date Other People, Would You?


72. What Is The Role Of A Wife?


73. What Is The Worst Emotion?


74. What’s Your Favorite Memory Of Us?


75. What’s The Most Disturbing Thing You’ve Come To Accept?

76. What Is Your Most Beautiful Memory?


77. What Secret Is Someone Keeping From You, But You Already Know All About It?


78. Do You Believe In Fate? Destiny?


79. How Much Have You Changed In 5 Years?


80. What Was Your Closest Friendship That Fell Apart?



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