Quora Launched Blogging Platform

“The internet was supposed to allow anyone to set up a web page and share their knowledge with the world. But in practice it’s too difficult and takes too long and almost no one does it. Blogs are easy to start, but unless the author is famous, it takes years to build a following. More than a billion people use the internet yet only a tiny fraction contribute their knowledge to it.” – Quora’s co-founder Adam D’Angelo

Quora,Q&A site, users can create as many blogs and posts within them as they like. From the web or mobile, they can express themselves through rich text editors and embedded images. Authors can tag their posts or entire blogs with any of Quora’s 300,000 topics that are relevant to their content. Then other Quora users who follow them, their blog, or most importantly any of the tagged topics may be shown relevant blog posts on the Quora home page feed. The more upvotes, comments, and shares a post receives, the more people it will be distributed to.

Quora  has also launched  its new mobile rich text editor that gives full control of formatting and photos to allow for expressive mobile blogging and answering.

How Quora is different from other blogging platforms

“If you’ve written a high-quality post, we will get you readers,” said Mark Bodnick, Quora’s product marketing lead.

Marc Bodnick, who works in product marketing, community, and business organization at Quora, says the key difference from other blogging platforms is that it uses the same distribution system as Quora’s Q&As, channeling readers to content through topics of interest (there are currently over 300,000 of them) rather than through individual bylines. “Active users” of Quora’s Q&A platform, Bodnick says, can get hundreds of thousands of views each year. “You’re gonna be able to attract a big audience immediately,” Bodnick says, “even if nobody follows you.”

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