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Letterkenny Quotes And Saying : 15 Most Relatable Quotes From Letterkenny

We all want a dab of humor in our lives. After a tiring day at work, sitcoms like Letterkenny surely bring about a smile to our faces. It is easy to lose ourselves in the hopeless humor shown in the series. In fact, some of the quotes from that program are sure to elicit a smile.

Here we have compiled a list of some such rather funny quotes from that program. Have a look, and we are sure you will be left in splits. You can even share these funny sayings with your friends and share the humor and fun with others.

Letterkenny Quotes


1. Have You Ever Hoover Schneef Off A Sleeping Cow’s Spine?  I’ve Hoovered Schneef Off An Awake Cow’s Teet.


2. Oh I’m Stomping The Brakes, Put That Idea Right Through The Fucking Windshield.

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3. Pitter Patter, Let’s Get At Er.

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4. If I was a Dr. Seuss book, I’d be The Fat in the Hat.


5. It’s Pertnear Time To Tune Into Letterkenny, So Be Sure To Set Yer Dials.


6. You Wish There Was A Pied Piper For Possums, But There Isn’t, So You’re Just Gonna Have To Keep Picking ‘Em Off With A .

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7. His Girlfriend Was Going Out Of Town So She Tooted The Horn One More Time Before She Left.

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8. Well, There’s Nothing Better Than A Fart. Except Kids Falling Off Bikes, Maybe. Fuck, I Could Watch Kids Fall Off Bikes All Day, I Don’t Give A Shit About Your Kids.

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9. Fuck Lemony Snicket, What A Serious Of Unfortunate Events You Fuckin Been Through You Ugly Fuck. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams!

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10. The New Season Of Letterkenny Is Coming To Cravetv. So Pitter Patter, Lets Get At’er And Watch It Already.


11. Got Anymore Of That Electric Lettuce? These Darts Aren’t Doing It.

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12. Make Sure You Use That There Sunscreen ‘Cause It’s A Great Day For Hay.

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13. Yes Dear, Pick Up Milk On The Way Home. That’s A Texas Sized 10-4.

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14. Your Sister’s Lasagna Gave Everyone The Scoots For Weeks Up In Here.

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15. You Were A Sniper In That Game Today And… Do You See That Sniper At 3 O’clock?

Summing Up

Hopefully, these quotes got out some rib-tickling reactions from you. It is enough to get you out of the sadness slump you are in. The quotes are an impression of the Letterkenny series. They show the extent to which this sitcom has created an impact. Let us know whether the quotes are your share of fun too.


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