Ramen Profitable Extends to Ramen Sustainable
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Ramen Profitable Extends to Ramen Sustainable

” An expression for an individual or company that is making just enough money to cover basic living expenses. Although ramen profitable indicates that you are taking in more money than you are spending, it does not indicate that a business or lifestyle is sustainable. The term was popularized by Paul Graham, and presumably is derived from a low-cost noodle dish known as ramen, indicating that you have just enough money to purchase this cheap dish for sustenance.” –Business Dictionary

Ramen Profitable is not sufficient for startups, and, now, it is being extended to “Ramen Sustainable“, where the “entrepreneur may keep going longer than would have been warranted, instead of moving on to their next big idea.”

WITS Zen recommends Must Read Ramen Profitable by Paul Graham to better understand  the concept of being Ramen Profitable.

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