Unexpected Business Growth

Rami Beracha – The Unexpected Business Growth From The Covid 19 Fallout & The 2022 Global Economic Crisis

Rami Beracha believes the Covid 19 pandemic can offer unique opportunities even though the global economy is in turmoil due to business closures, fundamental economic change and other changes. Beracha believes digital transformation will be a long-lasting solution, even though brick-and–mortar businesses may have to change or close their doors.

Beracha’s two new business ventures were developed during one of the most difficult economic times in history. It seems like there is no bright spot at the end, but Beracha’s dedication to resilience is something every entrepreneur needs to know. All situations, including those considered to be a crisis, are worth taking. Beracha sees Covid, despite the fact that it has thwarted many dreams, as a way forward.

Beracha has been a long-time promoter of an Israeli-based tech company. He established a venture capital fund with two business partners, Eden Block, in London’s West End. This fund supports the latest iteration of tech that uses Blockchain technology as well as digital currency. Eden Block is an ideal partner for companies seeking to expand their markets or create products based upon this ever-evolving technology.

Beracha focuses his efforts on the Web 3.0 realm. Rami “admits” that customers and young entrepreneurs have already identified this, but he has formed Eden Block with two savvy associates to ensure they catch up and discover the promising disruptions within high-tech pursuits like VR and robotics.

How Beracha Achieves Business Development During And After Covid Era

Beracha claims that passion, self-confidence, timing and determination are the secrets to his recent success. He urges entrepreneurs to pursue the goals and ventures that they believe are important, instead of trying to push through an idea that might not work. This flexible approach allows investors and developers the ability to adjust their strategies or react to market trends using emotions rather than just data. This is a welcome change from Silicon Valley’s information-heavy decisionmakers.

Beracha took a passionate look at his goals for life and learned how to make the right decisions from a wide range of different experiences. After serving in the armed forces, he graduated with a law certificate. After working in a Wall Street-based firm as a lawyer, he was able to use this credential until deciding to pursue entrepreneurship. He quickly moved to France for an MBA.

Beracha started his work for Pitango, Israel’s biggest venture capital fund. He was quickly promoted to managing partner by the company, which included over 200 Israeli tech startups. Many went on to make exits to top brands like Marvel and Microsoft.

Beracha took his own advice and in 2014, founded Sosa. A company that links New York and Tel Aviv through financial investors, Sosa connects high-tech firms and financial investors.

A Rise From The Ashes

Beracha’s life was not always filled with tech and finance, despite his notoriety. He was only 18 when he became a paratrooper in the IDF during the Lebanon War. After his experience in the IDF, Beracha was 18 when he enlisted as a paratrooper. In 1983, he joined a rescue squad to assist soldiers wounded in an active mine field. Beracha’s world was forever changed when he experienced this moment. He accidentally stepped on live mines while trying to help another soldier. He lost his right leg and his right hand instantly.

Beracha became depressed when he was forced to spend time in a military facility without any other activities. His hopes of a career as a military officer vanished, and his very identity was compromised. Faced with the uncertainty of where to go next, something in him clicked, and he began to find the strength to make a new start.

Beracha’s passion for never giving up led to a lifetime of business and personal success. After rehabilitation, he began to enjoy sports such as snowboarding, biking and even hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Amputee did not define his life.

Beracha fell in love with kite surfing and traveled to Panama for the waves. He even discovered a way to attach prosthetics to his surf equipment so he could get up on the water and experience the water like an expert.

Beracha describes this time as “at first, I was very mad after getting hurt.” “But over the years, my anger subsided, and I was able to accept it. The knowledge that I will have to work harder than anyone else because of my disability will encourage me. It will also make life more challenging and more exciting. Every kite surfer will remember the moment they stand on the surfboard. It’s even more special if your hand and leg are missing.

Beracha will continue to live a life of success and will likely have many more memorable experiences.


Image Source: flickr

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