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Relationship Advice For Men: How To Make Her Stay

Relationship Advice for Men – Men do not go by the books when it comes to relationships. They do things in their normal course. This is why some of them lose their mates. Do not be one of them.

You also need to seek relationship advice for men especially if your current girl is the one you hope to spend the rest of your life with. Check these:


1. Show That You Have High Respect For Her

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Do not let her out of the car without you opening the door for her. When in the restaurant, be the one to pull her chair so she can sit down. Likewise, listen to everything that she says. Care to ask her what she wants to eat and where she wants to be. Your gentle manliness will receive good scores from her.

2. Do Not Be Touchy—At Least Not Yet

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Some men make a mistake of moving too fast. Just on the first or second date, they want to get their body closer to their dates already; hence, all their efforts do not lead to formal relationships.

This is because girls do not want to be taken advantage of. They already see the lust in the eyes instead of love. For this reason, give your girl the respect she deserves. Be patient. Soon as the woman feels the same way for you, she will show it.


3. Do not control her

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Not because you are the man, your decision is final. You have to realize that before you met her, she is living her own life. You have to give her the freedom to do the things she used to do, especially if it is not harming your relationship.

Give her permission to go out with friends, to choose the dress she wants to wear, to eat the food she wants and everything. Do not be too domineering. You will definitely lose her if you continue to control her life.

4. Show Him That You Can Take Care Of The Relationship Emotionally And Financially

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Women are expressive; hence, they expect the same from their partners. Tell her ‘I love you’; it makes her happy and secure. More importantly, show him that you can take care of her even financially.

Do not make an impression that you are living in debt because she will fear that you are not good in managing finances. She will take this against you and may call it quits.

Who will want to tie themselves in a relationship where they are sure to become financially unstable?


5. Never Take Your Girl For Granted

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She cooks for you; you eat them then leave. You did not even say that the food is good. She prepares your clothes before going to the office, you do not even say ‘thank you’.

Just how many times did she make you feel that she’s there for you and you take them all for granted? Start appreciating her; start giving her your love before it is too late.

We are not sure if it is about the testosterone or whatever, but men do not typically make an effort to protect partnerships. They will rather go with the flow than make their lives complicated because of love and commitment. If this includes you, you have to change now. Take this relationship advice for men for a successful beginning or to make her stay.

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