Rise Of The Cloud Stack

“With the cloud, you’re inherently global on day one, making an international focus key to success. Markets like Brazil, Singapore, Japan, India and Europe will experience growth rates of SaaS adoption that surpass the U.S. in the next five years.”- Aaron Levie, Co-founder, Box

Aaron Levie: Author of the Article

The SMB cloud market is estimated to be nearly $50 billion by 2015 – while addressing a space that is virtually inaccessible to incumbent players.

“For enterprise vendors, the cost of selling to SMB customers simply wasn’t worth the contract value; and for businesses, the upfront infrastructure and licensing fees were cost-prohibitive. But with cloud solutions, a small and medium-sized business operates on the same technology that its far larger counterparts use, only at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to the emergence of an all-new IT architecture and the rise of the cloud stack, once-loyal customers are ditching slow-moving incumbents for a new guard of enterprise vendors. Meanwhile, customers that were never served by the old guard are getting access to best-in-class technology for the first time. We’re just at the beginning of this shift, but it will be one of the most profound and disruptive turnovers in the history of technology.

Abstracted from: The Changing Of The Enterprise Guard, Aaron Levie


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