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How Do You Save A Relationship? – It All Depends

This question of how do you save a relationship has no easy answers. Every relationship is different and because of that there are many different strategies to saving them.

It all really depends on the individuals involved and the depth of problems they have to resolve. But, in almost any case some hard work can keep any couple together if it is what both parties really want. That is really the key to saving any relationship, you have got to want it.

Both people have to be absolutely determined to stay together, because they believe in a long term partnership. Commitment is about staying together even when it would be easier to walk away. It is about staying together because you believe in marriage and not just because of the kids or because of the finances.

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A lot of couples make the mistake of believing that when those first love feelings of excitement and lust begin to fade, it is time to move on to a someone else who makes them feel that way again so they do not bother trying to save their relationship.

In a long term, committed relationship you often have to find passion. Love is not just that feeling that you get when you are in the throws of a new relationship. It is not just about the fireworks and the romance. Love, real true deep love is much more about choosing a person to share your life and your self with. That one person who you can look down the road with and know that you want them by your side.


Of course, that does not mean that you completely give up on being romantic, thoughtful, and loving to your spouse. Not at all. Being all of those things makes your relationship stronger. It just requires a great deal of work, probably more then you anticipated when you first enthralled with your beloved.

If you are determined to stay together the next important step is to figure out what you and your partner both need to make that happen, and a bit of passion is always part of the recipe.

Marriages are not based on love alone nor are figuring out how to save a relationship. It is built with determination and commitment to being one, to sharing a life together.

If you are really committed you will find a lifetime of happiness is yours for the taking. Also, if you give yourself over to the idea of staying together it will be easy to figure out what makes both of you happy.

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