Top 10 Scary Short Films On YouTube That You Must Binge On This Weekend

Watching videos on YouTube is actually a favorite pastime for many. In fact, many people devote a fixed time of their day watching entertaining videos on the same.

However, do you know that recently YouTube has also delved into showing short films and some of them are actually very thrilling? Here we are presenting for you some short films on YouTube that are damn scary and can leave you stunned with their content.

Read on with us so that you can binge on them this weekend and scare your close friends too.

1. Dead Ahead

This CGI short is very, very, very cute, and it’s a lovely palate cleanser to play in the middle of your short horror film marathon. This piece is packed full of more horror references than you can catch in one viewing. Play it a few times to catch the nods to Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and maybe From Dusk Till Dawn.


2. Sleepy Eyes

Good luck falling asleep after watching this short that turns the sound of wind chimes into one of the most frightening things ever. This piece succeeds in creating a creepy mood that many feature-length horror films never match. It’s a very bare bones approach that still manages a couple of surreal visuals that make this short piece look like a million bucks.


3. Creak

The simple premise of CREAK is almost Lynchian in its mundanity, and it makes excellent use of the three shots that make up this very short piece. Out of every horror film that’s ever been colored blue, this is the one that actually works.


4. Occupied

A lot of short films – specifically, horror shorts – look like garbage. At some point in film school, all of the horror kids decided to shoot everything on whatever camera every skateboard video in the ’90s was shot on, but not the filmmakers behind Occupied. This short looks amazing, it does so much with absolutely nothing, and it manages to make going to a public bathroom even scarier.


5. The Umbrella Factory

In the first couple of seconds of this short, you wouldn’t be wrong if you thought it was a bunch of kid stuff with some simple yet lovely animation. Aside from the short’s gruesome and horrifying climax, the fact that there’s an actual umbrella factory in this story is 100% amazing.


6. Every ’90s Commercial Ever

Every ’90s Commercial Ever is a bit of an outlier in this collection of short horror films, but too much work was put into this piece for it to go unseen. This ’90s-inspired Capri Sun-soaked short film draws from references as disparate as David Cronenberg, The Thing, and it even has a little bit of Aliens in there for good measure. This piece never stops surprising the audience, which is the most important parts of a horror film.


7. The Offering

The horror that comes from a father and son making an offering to an unknown entity slowly unspools itself over the short run time and forces your preconceived notions into an about-face. The most accurate genre for this piece would actually be “dread,” not horror, but that’s not a thing, so just watch it and get bummed out.


8. Shelter

The reveal in Shelter is too fun to not appreciate. It kind of does that thing that a lot of horror shorts do where you wait around for the big scare and there’s a thing that shouldn’t be there and then boom, it’s over, but the monster waiting at the end of Shelter is just so weird that you can’t help but enjoy it.


9. Up Route

A man, a potted plant, and a hitchhiker: what else do you need in a short horror film? How about a shot of what is definitely human meat frying on a rock? Up Route is one of the weirder films in this collection, but it’s exactly the kind of thing that you need to watch at the end of a very stressful short horror film fest.


10. Lights Out

The feature-length version of this film may be somewhat problematic (and kind of depressing), but the original short boils everything down to the basic scares that come with being afraid of the dark.

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